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Mixed Rounders Equipment

A project by: Josh Pike



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This project received donations on Sun 11 Feb 2018
Help the University of Essex Mixed Rounders Club raise funds to invest in all new equipment!

A short summary of your projeCt

We are raising money to replace our worn and broken equipment. This would include Bats, Balls, Posts etc.

Who are you?

I am Joshua Pike, President of the University of Essex Mixed Rounders Club and second year Biology student. I have always enjoyed playing Rounders, alike most of my exec members.

Your story

The University of Essex Mixed Rounders Club is now in its 4th year, since being founded back in 2014. We are a close-knit group that love having a great time playing Rounders. The club is home to around 50 regular sport and social members, meeting every week for training and social events. Rounders is a Gold Standard, and we aim to maintain that standard through the 17/18 academic year.

The reasons we are starting this fundraising project is because:

• The equipment is 4 years old and very worn;

• Some pieces are unsafe to use;

• We do not have a good condition set for competition matches;

• We only have the equipment capacity to play two games simultaneously, therefore hindering our opportunity to host tournaments.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards essential Rounders equipment that is vital to continue the club.

Approximate costing for items;

  • Complete Rounders Set (X2) - £300
  • Additional Bats - £80
  • Additional Balls - £80
  • Storage bag - £20

Any extra money raised will either go towards travel costs for away games, or additional kit where required.

Find us here

Facebook: www.facebook.com/essexrounders/

Instagram: EssexRounders

Snapchat: Essex_Rounders