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Unibud powered by Half Full Not Empty

A project by: Yemi Olubadewo

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This project received donations on Fri 26 Oct 2018
An early intervention app, that focuses on student engagement, retention and well being

A short summary of our project

We would like to ask you for your help in raising funds for the promotion of the world's first student early intervention app - basically you'll be helping make history! Unibud will help student's navigate their university journey with more ease, whilst alerting universities on what they could do in-house to enhance the student experience.  The app is not finished yet but you can view the progress here: appetize.io/app/d9kzbcw8b264v30pdc9xkchwjc?device=nexus5&scale=75&orientation=portrait&osVersion=8.1 …

Who are WE?

We are 5 University of Essex students and Alumni who volunteer for a Mental health technology startup (Half Full Not Empty CIC) founded by one of us (Juanita - shown in the picture above!) Our names are; Yemi, Juanita, Eyram, Michelle and Ashe.

Over the last 3 year we have hosted workshops, events and organised focused groups to discuss all things mental health, in order to de-stigmatize the word and encourage others to be proactive about their mental health.

Juanita (our founder) has now built an app targeted at University students to help improve the student experience. The app focuses on research based solutions to three main struggles students face whilst at the University.  isolation, feeling unprepared and a lack of resources of where they can help from.  The result of this is to improve student engagement, retention and well-being.

We have first hand experience throughout out uni years of the underlying causes of poor mental health and believe technology can play a big part, in helping other students look after themselves properly whilst at university.

As part of our App launch we are touring a few universities who have  significant problems with their students' mental health. We intend to engage with new students, talk to them about their university plans and ensure they kick off their university days with the right support and have constant support throughout their time at the University.

Juanita used the money raised through the initial click campaign, won a competition by Huawei and also used her own money, earned through working, to  create an app that we believe is needed by every university student! So far £21000 has been spent on this venture, an extra £4080 of Juanita's personal funding will be spent on compliance and GDPR. After several trails and error, website, logos, server costs and fee for the makers of the app and designers; we need help with the promotion of the app!

Where will the money go?

The donation will be 100% spent on the University tour and marketing of our Mental well-being app, alongside contributing to the cost of train tickets and accommodation, as we would like to be able to attend different universities to offer students the chance to benefit from this much needed app. the money will also be going towards marketing activities and equipment so we can best advertise the app.

Total : £472  x 5 students  = £2360

Any additional funds raised will put towards long term marketing goals and the development of the app.


We have some rewards for whoever helps us to achieve our goal. Check them out at the right side of the page!

Help us succeed!

You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone or on your blog. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool and just telling a couple of people could really help us out, if you could please share it with everyone you know! 

Although you don't have to donate money to help us, we would love and appreciate it if you did. So please also sponsor us so that we can make this happen.

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