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Funding Vital Safety Equipment for University Climbing

A project by: Martha Sansom



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We Need You! Help us purchase vital safety equipment for club trips and sessions.

A short summary of our project

Hello adventurers! We are the University of Essex climbing club and we are in need of new equipment to maintain club safety. Our current gear needs replacing due to general wear and tear over years of use. We need £750 to buy Quickdraws, Cams, and GriGris for our outdoor trips and for club sessions during the term. Alongside this, more equipment means we can push the boat out by tackling new and exciting routes that offer new challenges to our climbers.

Who are We?

As a climbing club, we welcome people of all abilities, helping develop a passion for climbing. We are made up of a diverse student body, ranging from novices to experienced climbers looking to adventure with a like-minded group. We run weekly sessions to socialise and train, day trips to indoor and outdoor climbing walls and trips away where we climb, hike, and explore the area.

our story

Climbing is a multifaceted sport, not only does it focus on building strength and discipline on the wall, it also facilitates socialisation and friendships. At our club we have created a vibrant social space where like-minded people from all walks of life can climb, hangout, and unwind. We want you to join us on our journey, by supporting us you contribute not only to our safety but to our passion and community.

Where will the money go?

New safety gear:

Quickdraws are used when lead climbing to attach the climber's rope to the wall. Having travelled around the UK and abroad our quickdraws are wearing out, making their replacement our priority.

-£70 per set

Traditional (trad) climbing means there are no bolts in the wall, instead we have to install out own protective gear. Cams are used in large cracks to anchor the climber to the wall and similarly to our quickdraws they need replacing.

-£350 per set

For club training sessions we need more GriGris. As our membership body has grown there is a greater need to teach new climbers how to belay meaning we need new devices to keep up with demand. GriGris provide assisted breaking, adding an additional layer of safety for the climber.

-£60/£70 each


-£5: Choose a chalk bag

-£15: Club t-shirt

-£100: 10% discount for all trips for next academic year

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Help us succeed!

Thank you for supporting us, we are extremely grateful for any contribution made, large or small. Please share this campaign with friends and family- it's FREE and makes a world of difference to us.