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Two teenagers, two different illnesses help each other in a way neither would've imagined possible.


About our Project

Trailblazer is an original one act play written by University of ESEEX student writer Liz Fisher-Frank. This project follows the story of two young teenagers battling two illnesses. Blaze, a 15 year old fostered child is battling cancer, whilst trying to  GET visitation rights for her little sister Marcie. Peter has been admitted in the same ward as Blaze due to bed shortages and he is struggling to come to terms with his own illness. Blaze and Peter help each other in ways neither could have imagined.

Trailblazer is being produced by TWAS Theatre, a university of essex ALUMNI theatre company that aims to produce transformative theatre FOR audiences and schools. Trailblazer will be touring small theatres in Essex & Suffolk in May and also touring schools within the region.

How Does your donation support us?

This project will be touring East Anglian theatres and schools from May 2nd to July 1st July. The budget is predicted on market research and previous project costs.

Our estimated budget for this project is £1500.

Our minimum estimate is to raise £750 and if fortunate enough to raise this amount the funds will go towards create this wonderful story. below is a list of what this fund will cover.

This would cover – Rehearsal venue cost

                                         Theatre venue hire cost


                                         Set & Props

                                         Travel Expenses

                                          DBS Fees

Click will help TWAS Theatre in not only assisting with logistical finances that have to be upheld in producing a small scale tour but it'll also help shape the future for our productions. We believe that the brand and ethos of all TWAS Theatre's work is to create a transformative change with our audiences that is specifically tailor-made to younger people. Click will provide us the opportunity to engage an audience of schools, theatres and local communities, educating through theatre is an immersive learning tool that TWAS are excited to be providing to audiences within the eastern region.


In September 2015 we explored the development of script with Liz Fisher-Frank. This entailed looking at the themes, lengthening the production to one hour and looking at the subject matter being suitable for a specific school demographic. In December we announced our 2016 programme and began R&D for Trailblazer. Since then we have secured three theatre venues within Essex & Suffolk to host our production whilst marketing this production to Upper Secondary & Colleges within Eastern Anglia.

the team

Director: Matt Jewson, Artistic Director 

Writer: Liz Fisher-Frank

Production Manager: Jenna Saiz, Managing Director

Lighting/Sound Operator: Rebecca Russell

OUR story 

"The world's a stage and that stage is a platform for learning and telling stories about the world we live in."

founded in 2014 TWAS Theatre is a new emerging theatre company based in colchester. TWAS exists to make available creative learning opportunities to young people whilst collaborating with local artists. Twas started with holding half-term workshops for children using original adapted versions of fairytales. after the success of our 2015 schools pantomime tour of cinderella this year we've programmed 3 touring productions. trailblazer marks the first tour of 2016 and with your help we'll be able to provide transformative story-telling to schools and theatres.

                                  Building creative opportunities  

TWAS Theatre is an Essex based theatre company. Not only are we  University OF ESSEX alumni, we are also Colchester born residents. This venture is to create more artistic opportunities for local creatives where we all can be part of producing excellent quality touring theatre to local schools, theatres and communities.

We believe Essex and Colchester in particular is a thriving artistic environment. TWAS aims to capitalise on continuously using local establishments that provide rehearsals and theatre spaces locally. This project will challenge local students to question themes on courage, social behaviours & teenage illnesses.



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