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Wildlife Conservation Project - UoE

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This project received donations on Mon 06 Mar 2017
I am volunteering to do wildlife conservation work in South Africa, please help fund my trip!

Wildlife Conservation Projects in South Africa.

I am hoping to raise around £2,000 for my project so that I am able to go to South Africa in the Spring to help out with an amazing wildlife conservation project called UmPhafa. It is an incredible opportunity where I will get to work closely with larger animals, and help increase the well-being of the fauna! :)

About Me:

My name is Antonia and I'm a joint Law and Politics Undergraduate at the University of Essex. I spend most of my time studying and writing essays, but when I'm not I quite like sleeping or chilling with 'Campus Cat'/ and trying to convince my flatmates not to chase the birds out of our kitchen because they're the closest thing to pets students are allowed while living on campus.

My passion for animals and wildlife started when I was little and would ask (beg) my mum for a pet, so for everyone that was told "no!" to that question like I was, this is also for you! Help fund an amazing opportunity where I can help out with wildlife conservation (and pretend I have lots of wildlife pets!).

Why is this Worthwhile?

This project is different to any others like it because; not only is it good charitable work,  it's also something fun and engaging for students of all backgrounds to participate in. Moreover it is a learning experience as South Africa is extremely different to life in London/Essex. It would be a great chance to experience life in a different culture with new adventures.

For the most part I will be collecting data to aid managerial decisions. This type of data will consider the well being of the animals, and to make sure that they are all happy and healthy. If any of the animals happen to be unhappy it will be our (the volunteering team) duty to make them feel better!

What's in it for you?

More than anything this is just a worthy cause, years of pollution and treating our planet badly has meant having to have organisations like this in place to look after our planet, so this is just a way of giving back. Furthermore, I'm quite a good photographer and when you see the happy faces of the animals you have helped your heart will melt and you'll know that donating was more than worthwhile :).

Where will the money go?

  • The minimum I'm requesting is for the return trip to South Africa, programme fee etc, which will enable me to actually participate. Therefore I can collect the resources I need to properly assist the animals.
  • Hitting the full target means that I would be able to put money towards kit, insurance and if enough's donated, another volunteering scheme similar to this where I help 'Wildlife Sense' in Greece with baby sea turtles - following my social media pages will allow you to keep track of this.

Breakdown Of Costs

  • Programme fee including accommodation, food, insurance, full training: £750
  • Flights to Durban and transport to and from the airport: £700-900
  • Any Kit needed (any £ past minimum)


I've got some great rewards for all donors; including social media shout outs, letters of thanks and more! Have a read to see what you could receive...

Social Media:

Find me on:

Instagram - @antoniawcp

Facebook - wildlife conservation project: @antoniawcp

Twitter - @antoniawcp

Updates when in South Africa will be daily via social media, with continual progress leading up to my trip coming through monthly. However, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me.

Help Me Succeed!

  • I need as many people as possible to be talking about my project. Just about everywhere and everyone you can think of could help me!
  • Although money is a crucial part of project, but sharing this page with friends/family/colleagues/whoever you can think of is just as helpful, as the more people that see this page, the more sponsors I am likely to get! :)