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Tokyo Kasey University Summer Programme

A project by: Nicolae Radulescu



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2 weeks summer school

Tokyo Kasei summer school

I'm raising £1000 to enrol to the Tokyo Kasei Summer School!

The program is designed for international students to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

The summer school consists of not only unique lectures and a home-stay; but also many activities and exchange sessions, so participants can come into close contact with the lifestyles, customs, and personalities of the Japanese people.

Whilst learning the language, I will have lectures in Japanese business, literature, pop culture and architecture. The program also includes trips to Nikko and an experience of  traditional customs such as the tea ceremony or Kimono wearing.

Who am i?

My name is Nicolae and I am third year Liberal Arts student at the University of Essex.

I have been always passionate about other cultures as you can see in the picture below. Through this project, I can fully embrace another culture learning as much as possible from it.

Why this project?

This is an international experience based on cultural activities, gaining cultural knowledge and learning the Japanese language. All of which are the main experiences and knowledge that I need in order to achieve my career goals. I would love to work for United Nations Institute for Social Development which requires a broad experience in research and a lot of international cultural experience and expertise. It also requires the applicants to be able to speak more than a just language, but to connect with natives in their own environment.

Learning Japanese will help me considerably as the Japanese economy is increasingly stronger and thus, this will make be a better candidate for all types of jobs I could apply in the future. It will also help me gain a lot of knowledge about the Asian culture which is really important nowadays will the emerging Asian economies. By undertaking this placement will broaden my opportunities as I could also work for the UN, any other international organisations and charities or even in the business sector.

Where will the money go?

Minimum: £900

-Programme Fee £360

-Flights £540+

Stretch Goal: £100

-Fluctuating flight cost coverage

-Travel in Tokyo


I have some great rewards on offer for those who donate £5 and upwards. These can be found on the right hand side of my page.

Please know any donations will be so greatly received and I cannot thank you enough.


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Help me succeed!

It would be amazing if anyone could donate something, even if it was £1! If you could also share my project with your friends and family, i'd really appreciate all the help! Promotion is just as important as donations.

Thank you for your time:)