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The Shape Of The Pain

A project by: Max Sutherland


WE RAISED £2,945

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This project received donations on Fri 09 Sep 2022
A captivating captioned exploration of a woman and the Pain

The Project

We are raising £2870 to create the first London-based production of The Shape Of The Pain, by Rachel Bagshaw and Chris Thorpe. Running on 7th and 8th October at the Corbett Theatre, the play will serve as Max's MFA thesis piece at East 15 School of Acting, and their directorial debut. 

The show will integrate creative captioning. This means the captions will be projected or displayed on the set as part of the integral design. This is a technical and logistical challenge as it is very time consuming. However it provides complete access for hard of hearing and deaf audiences in a creative and exciting way. Max seeks to work collaboratively with a hired caption designer and caption operator to ensure the best possible quality.

Who are We?

Max Sutherland (Director, they/she) is an emerging theatre director based in London. As part of the deaf community, they are passionate about integrating BSL, creative captioning, music, sound, and accessibility into their work in new and exciting ways. During their studies they have created a broad portfolio, including Brecht, Balinese theatre, shakespeare and a placement at Bristol Old Vic (Wonder Boy, directed by Sally Cookson). 

Lewis Roden (Producer, he/they) is a creative producer, working with rising talent across the UK. He is currently working within the arts sector, focusing on widening access and creating engagement by removing barriers, with organisations such as Arts Marketing Association. Lewis is incredibly passionate about expanding the reach and definition of theatre.

Max and Lewis have worked together creating theatre since 2016 and have since founded Heliotrope Theatre. 

The story

The show explores a woman's attempt to explain her pain. She's met someone and they are determined to make it work, but there are three people in this relationship. Her. Him. And the Pain. 

Max herself deals with a chronic pain condition, and says about this story:  "I have never read something that so accurately describes and visualises what pain can feel like. We have an established language for almost every human sensation; love, hunger, time passing, but as soon as we have to describe pain, we fall short. You can't ever make the person feel what you're feeling with just words. This play was one of the rare times where I read a text and go 'yeah, its exactly like that'. That felt special to me." 

Where will the money go?

  • Hiring BSL interpreters - £500
  • Hiring a captioning designer - £350
  • Hiring a caption operator - £350
  • Fee for other hired crew and creatives - £500
  • Rehearsal photography - £150
  • Editing costs (photography) - £100
  • Marketing print costs - £150
  • Total - £2100

Stretch goal

  • Final show filmed - £270
  • Professional editing - £400
  • Travel expenses reimbursement for producer and director - £50
  • Props (Consumables) - £50 
  • Total - £770

Total amount - £2870

Find us here

Instagram:  @weeta.mix   @helio.theatre


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