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The Half Moon Shania

A project by: Cara Baldwin


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Burnt Lemon Theatre launch their punk play The Half Moon Shania onto the stage!

Burnt lemon theatre presents: The half moon shania

Edinburgh fringe festival 2018

The Half Moon Pub, the punk pit stop of 1999. Ketamine Kerry leads her girls in the pub tour of their twenties. It’s gonna be a riot! So wear your best knickers – don’t lose them – but lose yourself, because the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun!

'The Half Moon Shania' is a Burnt Lemon Theatre production written by Cara Baldwin and directed by Hannah Benson. It will be the company's debut production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

about us

"Let’s misbehave! Let’s have a riot!"

Burnt Lemon Theatre are a female led company of break-through artists who aim to launch work from gut to stage. Artistic directors Hannah Benson and Cara Baldwin bring the heat with the vision to create balsy theatre (without the balls).

Having  formed the company whilst training on the renowned BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course (Yvette, Lost Watch, High Rise, Police Cops, Antler) at East 15 Acting School, they have since gained industry recognition for their work and unique style, being named a New Diorama Graduate Emerging Company 2018-19.

"Burnt Lemon are the real deal. Genre-defying, terrifyingly talented and anarchically inclined. A genuinely hilarious company with the passion and skill to tackle subjects that others shrink from." -Jesse Briton, Bear Trap Theatre

“Burnt Lemon is a new company led by two young women bursting with talent and ideas. They are both intensely musical, they are accomplished dancers, they write with unique style and they are very accomplished actors.  I was lucky enough to lead the acclaimed course which they will both complete in June 2018.” - Uri Rooder, Head of BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre

about the show

“Us three. Gigging. The G-Stringz. It could be more than a pub tour. It could be more than a cash in hand gig here and there…”

The G Stringz are a punk rock girl band on the pub tour of their twenties. 15 pubs down, 150 pints downed – each! In one final bid for a bit of recognition, the girls have to whip out every trick in the book. And it’s a big, dirty, bitch of a book. We can’t promise personal comfort or safety. But we can promise the prerogative to have a little fun.

The Half Moon Shania  is fuelled by a recent Drinkaware/YouGov survey which found that:

“79% of women said they expected inappropriate comments, touching and behaviour to take place when they went out – either to themselves or to their female friends” and various personal accounts from young women who felt such behaviour on a night out has become ‘normal’.

Burnt Lemon Theatre launch their punk production The Half Moon Shania onto the stage with a rebel mix of spoken word and music that’ll knock your knickers off.

The show previews at the Drayton Arms before a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 18 at ZOO Venues, Southside.

Where will the money go?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the perfect platform to spring our work into the industry. However, the opportunities comes with significant cost:

These include:

  • Venue - £3,000
  • Fringe registration fee - £295
  • Travel - £148
  • Accommodation - £2,250
  • Set/Costume - £200
  • Insurance - £100
  • Marketing - £500

Total: £6,493

The £3,000 we hope to raise on Click will be a huge boost on our road trip to Edinburgh!


As a thank you for your donation, you will receive a gift from Burnt Lemon! The gifts range from a badge and a singed poster to a singing lesson and private punk rock concert.

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