Swimming for Hope

A project by: Zeina Alsharkas


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This project received pledges on Wed 13 Feb 2019

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Hi, I am swimming tomorrow at around 9:15am. You can track me here: https://www.channelswimmingassociation.com/pilots/viking-princess Thanks a million for your support! Zeina

Good luck

Good luck Zeina! :)

This is a wonderful project... Good luck!

Great effort, well done!

Good luck with your endeavour!

Good Luck.

Good luck

I’m proud my dear daughter & hope you all the best

Good luck for such a worthy cause x

Brilliant project! I swam for the London Borough of Wandsworth as a child and competed in London championships. I studied sociology at Essex from 1976. I have spent a good chunk of my professional life in Refugee Protection work and now, semi- retired, am a Trustee of Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign . We support 21 families, mainly from Syria, being resettled under the UK Government's Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Schemes. So the project is dear to my heart on many levels! Best of luck with it and I will be promoting through our social media links!

Good luck Zeina!

From your mom

Zeina live u so much good luck x

Such an amazing project, I wish you all the best! Take care, Zeina!

Good Luck for Zeina... and peace for everyone in the world

Way to go Zeiiinnnna Keeep it up :D :D

Way to go, Zeina! We'll be here to support you. My very best wishes :)

I belive in you Zee and your cause❤️❤️

I believe you can do it. Best luck to you.

Good luck Zeina xxx

Go Zeina!! I believe in you and your beautiful project!!

Good luck Zeina. We are one one species, all cousins, all evolved from the same origin, and should stand together to provide a safe and happy future. You are an example to us all and we swim with ...you in our hearts and souls. X

Love and Peace.

Respect from me, best luck to you!

I am proud of you, Zeina. You can do it :)

Good luck Zeina - that is a wonderful project and you are such a brave lady to swim the channels!