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Summer Nationals Polo Tournament

A project by: William Galvin


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This project received donations on Wed 26 Jun 2019
5 Students Have Qualified For the National University Championships

5 Students Have Qualified For the National University Championships


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Why are we here?

Hi, we're a group of 5 students from the university of Essex that have once again qualified for the national university polo championships which are held in Rugby every year. Our previous success was at the winter arena polo championships, this time around each of us have qualified individually for the summer grass polo championships. The championships attract over 160 teams from more than 50 universities, it is the highest level of competition that you can achieve playing polo at a university level.  Whilst this is a great opportunity for each individual who'm have invested many hours into the beloved sport there are significant costs involved before we can compete hence the creation of this campaign. So without further ado here's something from each of the players:

William galvin

Hi, my name is William, I'm a final year computer science student here at the university. I've been riding horses for over a decade but only picked up polo in September of last year. Polo brings a whole new level of competition and camaraderie that you don't get with English horse riding and the people that I've met playing polo have become some of my best friends. In the winter nationals I successfully captained a team made up of myself and members of UEA Polo Club taking second place in the median bracket and I intend on improving my placing in the upcoming championships.


Anton Reshetov

Hello, my name is Anton and I am a second year computer science student at the University of Essex. I have discovered my love for horses at the age of 14 however I wasn't able to ride back then. In my first year at the university I have joined the Equestrian club and started riding. In the second year Equestrian club offered an extremely exciting opportunity to learn to play polo. I knew I loved polo right from the first lesson and was keen to continue improving my skills in this sport. Now with almost a years worth of weekly training sessions and my wins in winter nationals under my belt I am ready to take on the challenge of the summer championships in the best form I have ever been in.


Ray Yihe Yue

I have always been an out door boy, growing up in the country side of China horses and dogs were my best friend, since coming to the UK I have started to play horse polo. When I train with the university polo club it’s where I find my true belonging, the adrenaline rush when the polo pony gallops after the ball is addicting. The thrill of scoring is what I live for. What’s more this summer I have qualified for the summer nationals. This is my opportunity to play for more than just for myself, to represent the university and prove myself on the national stage.


Oscar Blair-park

Hi, my name is Oscar, I am in my final year of my Economics and Politics degree. This year alongside applying to graduate programs, writing my dissertation and general studying I decided to take up horse polo. Having played football all my life I wanted to try something new and there are very few things as far from a “Normal Sport” than Polo. After a few lessons I fell I love with the sport, it’s not only challenge of being a complete beginner but also the people involved are some of the nicest people I have met. After my experiences competing in the winter nationals where I was chosen to captain my team given the skills that I demonstrated in training I am eager to prove myself again in the summer nationals.


Nikita nefedov

My name is Nikita Nefedov and I am a master’s student in Public Opinion and Politics. During my five years being part of the Essex family I actively participated in many of the opportunities offered to me. For example; In my role as the president of the Russian Society, I dedicated myself to volunteering campaigns and lead charity fundraising events, which contributed to my place in the big Essex family! I found Horse Polo as a passion for my soul and a great sport challenge for my personality. It is something that becomes a part of your life and every facet of Polo and horse riding. The experience of participating in the Winter Polo Nationals where I played with members of Portsmouth polo club was an event that will stay with me for the rest of my life! I am really looking forward to the Summer Nationals where I will have the opportunity to showcase my skills and dedication to training over the past months. Kind regards,

Nikita N.

what will we spend the funds on?

Below we've have provided a price breakdown per person for the tournament:

  • SUPA Membership (Ray Only): £55
  • Entry Fee: £55
  • Camping Ticket: £10
  • Awards Ceremony: £10
  • Knee Pads: £75  
  • Eye Protection (inc postage): £40.00  
  • Horse Hire: £220
  • Petrol: £30
  • Intensive Training: £100
  • Food: £45
  • Tent Hire: £15

Total cost per person is £600 or £650 including membership.

Please support us in any way you can! If you are not able to donate, share the page on your social media and help us spread the word.

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Thank you!