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Sri Lanka student nurse experience

A project by: Lily Austin


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Hoping to fulfil a once in a lifetime opportunity of volunteering in Sri Lanka

My project

I am looking to raise £1500 to help fund an amazing opportunity of travelling to Sri Lanka as part of a voluntary experience with Travelteer, to gain insight and nursing experience through this once in a lifetime opportunity. In travelling to a different country I will be given the privilege of helping those in need whilst working in a setting that provides care and treatment with focuses on not just your typical medical treatments, but also holistic approaches through treatments such as acupuncture. I believe that this will benefit my outlook and learning massively and feel that you should never turn down a learning opportunity and especially one in which you can make a positive impact.  

A bit about me 

I have now entered year 2 of my nurse training and am super excited to have found such an exciting opportunity and one in which I hope will increase my passion in helping those in need. My passion for caring for others has been fuelled even more so since starting the degree, and I would really love to extend my passion through providing care and support to other communities in Sri Lanka.

Your story

Having only experienced working within the UK healthcare system which focuses on medication as a means to cure, I believe and know that there are still many many other ways in which countries around the world participate in supporting and healing those in which they care for, so this is something that I would love to experience, to gain knowledge around such practises and to immerse myself in the culture. I feel that I could learn a lot and hope to gain an appreciation for the practises that are possibly less invasive, whilst still being as effective, I would be extremely humbled to be part of something which can wholeheartedly make a real difference to not only my life, but also to those I may have the pleasure of working alongside and supporting. 

Where will the money go?

  • Registration fee £168
  • Volunteer Living Costs (per week) Include: accommodation, food, local transport and 24/7 in country support = £406
  • Flights - £1000 (estimated)

Help me pleeeeeease

I would be extremely grateful for any help and support through any form of donation, however many pennies you can spare, I hope you have enjoyed reading :-) thank you