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Help me organise SPLAY

A project by: Hopkins Langlah



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This project received donations on Fri 25 May 2018
Promoting the basketball talent we have around our university

A short summary of  myroject

SPLAY will be an event about promoting the basketball talent we have around our university and beyond. As well as increase knowledge and participation in basketball to a wider audience. The event will consist of different games:

  • Basketball match (The basketball match will be a very competitive match that will get the audience excited and interested in basketball)
  • 3pt contest ( This is a contest where the players will go one by one, will have 1 min and will need to shoot basketball behind the 3pt line from 5 different spots and see how many they can do within the time limit. The 3pt contest will consist of the best 3pt shooters in the university.

  • Dunk contest (Finally, the dunk contest will consist of the best dunkers available who posses great athleticism and creativity)

Who AM I?

My name is Hopkins Langlah and I am a 2nd Year Sports Therapy student. I am very passionate about sports and especially basketball. During my time at the University, I aim to use the resources available to execute my ideas and expand on my skills set. Furthermore, basketball is my favourite sport however it is not very popular in the U.K, therefore I aim to raise awareness of this sport through different means.


I believe this event is necessary because it provides a solution to the problem of limited sports available at Essex University, and it can increase the range of sporting events promoted to make it more diverse.  The use of the new sports arena for this event, will also raise awareness of the sporting facilities. Furthermore, it will introduce people to the sport of basketball as some people have never been to a basketball game or potentially have never even seen one on the television, thus expanding their sporting knowledge. As a 20 year old, this opportunity to execute this event will aid my personal development, especially because I can use the platforms and resources provided by the university.

Where will the money go?

The money will go to:

  1. Booking the venue - £200
  2. Booking a host for the event - £250
  3. Printing T-shirts £200
  4. Dj -£180

If I reach my minimum I will pay for my venue and the host.

I will be keeping everyone up to date with the progress on a weekly basis on both my crowdfunding page and social media platforms.

Images and video

The Sports Arena where will be holding the event.

Find us here

Facebook: splaybasketball

Twitter: @splaybasketball

instagram: splaybasketball

Help us succeed!

Help us succeed by telling friends and family.

Promoting the event will mean a lot to me and I will greatly appreciate it