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SHE Inspires

A project by: Nur Nazeera Binti Shahril Anuwar



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This project received donations on Thu 02 Aug 2018
Empowering Former Sex Trafficked Women Through Entrepreneurial Action

She Inspires: Empowering former sex trafficked women through entrepreneurial action.


Enactus is the UK's leading youth social action and youth enterprise education charity supporting over 3,000 young entrepreneurial spirits every year.

Our mission in the UK is to be recognised as a leader in developing a national network of socially-minded young leaders of the future who transform communities and society through real life social action and environmentally responsible enterprise.


We make the connection between character education and the world of work, enabling young people to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need to succeed, building on the experience of youth social action, enterprise and entrepreneurship. we work with educational professional, business leaders, mentors, specialists and Alumni who combine to create a unique co-curricular enterprising environment.


SHE Inspires is a project that empowers former sex trafficked women in Ghana by providing them a career platform for them to have a business on their own. We are cooperating with A Ban Against Neglect (ABAN), a non-profit organisation that supports women in rural Ghana in skill training programs.

The three beneficiaries that we have is Gifty, Joyce and Patricia who are great at these three different skills which are hairdressing, sewing and decorations, respectively. A Bridal Shop has been set up for them to combine all their skills and make a business out of it.

Each of the beneficiaries have problems in which they could not afford paying their rents every months and the school fees of their children as well. Hence, the business will provide them a platform to earn their own income and to be self sufficient. The income gained would ensure them their independency alongside helping their community to improve in standard of living.


The money raised will be used to fund our trip to Ghana. The main objectives of the trip are as follows:

  • Creating awareness regarding former sex trafficked women and breaking the stigma that the community has towards these women by running a motivational talk to the community of Aburi, Ghana.
  • Engaging with the community of Aburi, Ghana in regards to creating awareness and breaking stigma of sex trafficked women.
  • In the effort of improving and creating a positive ambience for these women to live in and showing to these girls that the community and the people out there are here to support them.
  • Visiting the beneficiaries at their workplace to oversee the state of their well being and check on whether any assistance is required.
  • Visiting the beneficiaries' family members at their house to check on their well being.


  • Flight tickets (2 people): GBP 1800
  • Accommodation (2 people): GBP 200
  • Expenses (food, tansports, etc): GBP 200
  • Expenses for workshops and motivational talks: GBP 300
  • Total cost for trip: GBP 2500

Minimum GBP 2500:

If the minimum amount is reached, the money would fully go to funding the team members trip to Aburi, Ghana in order to execute our objectives as per stated above.

Full target GBP 3000:

If the full target is reached, it gives the team leverage to extend our trip in the effort of creating and giving more impact to the girls and the community as well as contributing some money to the beneficiaries business as part of their capital.

Over target:

If the donations are able to achieve over the targeted amount, the fund would go to the trip, capital for the beneficiaries' business as well as allowing the team to have a full force awareness campaign extending it to not just in Aburi but other town in Ghana.


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Blog: https://enactusessex.org/

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Although we do need to raise as much fund as possible to fund our trip to Ghana this Summer and make this project work out excellently, donating money is not the only way that you can do to help us succeed. Please do spread this Project around and share this Project to anyone that are willing and able to support us financially.

Remember that support does not just come financially, spreading and sharing the word around also contributes as support where more people would find out more about SHE Inspires, hence, it is more likely for our aims to be achieved.

Each and every little penny of your donation does makes a different is someone else's livelihood and well being! We do have some excellent rewards that is out for grab. So please do give us your generous donations!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read through this and learn more about our project.

Thank you to all game changer of this world! #WeAllWin