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BSAC Scuba Diving Fundraiser

A project by: Alice Wilby-Ward



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This project received donations on Fri 17 Nov 2023
Healthy Fish. Clean Sea. Happy Earth.

BSAC Open Water Scuba Diving for Seahorses

I am in hopes of raising the minimum of £500 to fund my scuba diving training. During my placement year at The University of Essex, I will be working with The Seahorse Trust to raise awareness through social media, track down buyers and sellers of biological seahorse material (The Curio Trade) and partake in diving Seahorse Surveys to actively monitor the number of seahorses in Studland Bay. My scuba diving training course will allow me to take part in the surveys and help monitor the seahorse numbers.

This is to ensure the seahorse population are thriving in the unique seagrass meadows at Studland Bay as these marine animals are endangered and require our protection. Seagrass is integral to the success of carbon capture from the environment, sequestering 10-18% of the total ocean's carbon dioxide content. Significantly reducing the impacts of global climate change. 

A bit about me

My name is Alice Wilby-Ward and I am an undergraduate at The University of Essex going into my second year of an MSci Tropical Marine Biology degree. I am really passionate about protecting and researching our ocean's. Seahorses and Cnidarians are species I am deeply interested in and am committed to making the sea a healthier, safer place for our beautiful marine ecology.

I have always loved spending time surrounded by the ocean and love admiring the weird and wonderful sea creatures that live there. From common knowledge of climate change and studying A level geography I realised that my passion could be used to help conserve endangered species in the ocean and spread awareness to others to stop damaging our environment. In donating money, you will help further my research as a marine biologist and enhance the funding towards saving our seas before it is too late.

Where will the money go?

The money raised will go towards a BSAC Open Water Diving Course that will act as a stepping stone for me to work with the Seahorse Trust to complete underwater surveys to monitor and track seahorses in Studland Bay. The breakdown of the costing is;

- BSAC Open Water Diving Course = £400 inclusive of logged, open water dives.

- Equipment necessary to completing the course; winter wetsuit and diving necessities = £115

- Travel Expenses = £50

- Diving Membership/Insurance = £35

Thank you so much to anyone who donates to my project, I am so grateful for any support. Please share my page to anyone who you think might be interested - spreading the word helps too!

above - shows a snippet of the wonderful British coastal ecology

Help This project succeed!

Donating money to this project would help me look after endangered species along the UK coastline.

Donation isn't the only way to help, sharing this link as well as awareness of what I am raising money for will be a massive benefit.

Share: https://click.hubbub.net/p/save-our-seas to raise awareness and help me reach my goal!