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...Drum Roll please!


PataFlaFla is a one-woman drum show spectacular exploring loss, friendship and sexuality through music and spoken word. The rushes and drags of teenage life get mixed up with the underground music scene in this queer female answer to Whiplash. PataFlaFla hands over the drumsticks to the womxn. 

It’s 2012 and Janey is taking refuge from David Guetta in the local grunge scene. A mystery unravels when a new girl sits behind the drum kit and Janey returns home with a pair of sticks that change her rhythm forever.

PataFlaFla has been selected to perform at Pleasance Fringe Futures Festival as part of Spies like Us’ The Future is Unknown week of programming, and we need YOUR help to get the wheels (or should we say drums?) rolling!

Meet the runts

We are RUNT Theatre, a collective of female theatre-makers creating socially provocative work that champions complex and non-traditional heroes. We celebrate and encourage underrepresented groups. RUNT theatre was founded in 2020 from East 15’s acclaimed BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course.

The Journey so far...

PataFlaFla was originally a short film for East 15's Launch festival, which then screened at Tramshed’s Digitally Charged festival. It is now a one-woman stage play and the writing has been mentored by multi-award winning playwright Kevin Dyer. We are planning 10 days of rehearsal of PataFlaFla to realise it in a theatrical setting before it’s debut performance.

Where will the money go?

  • £890 will cover rehearsal space, including equipment hire, for 10 days
  • £150 will cover set, props and costume
  • £75 will cover van hire to transport on show day
  • £120 will cover our merchandise and e-marketing
  • £225 will cover the travel expenses of our creative team
  • £100 will cover catering for the creative team
  • £20 will cover our PPE and sanitisation supplies
  • £410 will give an honorarium to each of the creative team 
  • Anything in excess of our minimum £2000 will go directly back into paying the creative team for their time and artistry. 

What's in it for you? 

What's that? We hear you scream. Rewards? This is what we're offering in return for your support and generosity:

  • £5: A personalised thank you video from one of our amazing creative team
  • £10: A shout out on our social media stories
  • £20: A personalised drum solo posted on our social media
  • £50: A Runt Theatre Face Mask
  • £100: Your very own RUNT Theatre T-shirt!
  • £150 or more: Full Merchandise package with a personal thank you letter!

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Strapped for cash?

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