Rooted Moon Theatre and Arts Festival

A project by: Izabel Florence


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We're excited to bring back our Theatre and Arts Festival to Sardinia in July this year.

"We aim to break the boundaries of language through the use of theatre"

After an incredibly successful debut last year, the Rooted Moon Theatre and Arts Festival is being brought back to the Italian people of Porto Torres, with improved acts and skilled artists. Now taking the entire city, our aim continues to be attempting to break the language barriers between different nationalities, and revealing that theatre can be used as an international language to educate, inform and entertain.
The team is back together and looking to raise funds and awareness for the festival to become bigger and better! 

What we do:

We bring together performers and artists from all over the world, creating a cultural hub to people who doesn't necessarily have the opportunity to access these art forms. We invite artists of all different disciplines (painters, photographers, poets, actors, musicians) and we give them an opportunity to perform on an international platform. 

We want to break down language barriers and create intercultural performances that evoke human emotion and inspire each audience member.

What does the Festival include?

The festival will include around 15 International acts as well as Italian artists from Sardinia. These are from different disciplines, for example actors, photographers, painters, poets, circus performers, clowns, comedians, musicians etc. 

Stages will be set outside and the audience will freely circulate, enjoying these different performances which do not rely on the English language. Toilets, refreshments, security and relaxing areas will be provided. It will be free.

Why was the Festival successful and How was it different?

Last year we had an incredible audience who really enjoyed all the art forms and the atmosphere. This year we are upping our game! It will be located in a bigger outside space and we will have more acts and artists, as well as a bigger audience seeing as we are creating a bigger marketing campaign. 

Who we are:

We are all graduates from East 15 Acting School. Because we have come from varied courses and have had different experiences in the Theatre and Arts industry for longer than a year, we all bring something unique to the company. 

Amelia Blackwell (Marketing/ Venue)

Amelia is an actress from Lancaster who graduated from the World Performance course in 2015. As a lover of all things theatre; Amelia is proud to be a member of the Rooted Moon team, as well as currently being involved in a number of exciting theatrical projects. 

Char Brockes (Marketing/ Funding)

Char is an Acting and Community Theatre graduate. Since Graduating she has undertaken a number of different roles on stage and screen. These have included a Theatre in Education tour, a nominated short and recently a role in the notable verbatim theatre company Look Left Look Right's production of "What We Talk About When We Talk About Food". 

Izabel Florence (Funding/ Legal)

Originally from Brazil, Izabel is an Acting and Community Theatre graduate who has gone to work professionally as Stage Manager and Actor for companies such as Upstairs at The Gatehouse and Cirque Bijou. She has become an accredited Yoga Teacher from spending a month in India, and she is also currently doing her Masters degree part time in Integral Movement and Performance Practice in Berlin.

John James (Artist Co-ordinater/ Outreach)

John graduated from the World Performance course last year. Since graduating he has worked a lot in children's theatre as well as various stage and screen roles. He is a big believer that theatre should be enjoyed by all and this is something that he incorporated into his work. H

Lottie Gibson (Production Design)

Lottie is a World Performance graduate. She has gone on to work on tour shows around the country. She loves all aspects of theatre both on and off stage, being heavily involved with set and costume design. 

Salvatore Scarpa (Artist Co-ordinater/ Legal/ Venue)

Salvatore is originally from Sardinia. He is an actor and writer graduate of the World's Performance course. Rooted Moon is one of the avenues that can enable his interest in the fusion of cultures and attempt to bring them together. 

How we can do it with your help:

Rooted Moon is alive through kind and generous donations. We need your help because the only way our artists make a profit is through donations from the audience at the festival. So we need a large marketing campaign to reach out to a lot of people and get as many audience members as we can.

We give established and emerging artists the opportunity to perform in front of an international audience. Therefore it is our duty to provide:

- Staging - £200

- Promotion of the artists prior to the festival -£150

- Technicians-£180

- Accommodation- £500 ( for 7 people)

- Catering -£200

- Venue- £650

- Rehearsal space- £50

- Transportation- £50

- Legal matters (such as insurance) - £150- £250

- Lighting - £75

- Generator - £90

Total : £2,000

We set the festival outside, to create a relaxed and magical environment for audience members and the artists. With that in mind there are certain costs we need to cover as decoration for the festival. 

The more money we can raise, the better we can take care of our artists and audiences, making this the right, safe and comfortable place for art to flourish.

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