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Little Red Riding Hood - TAS Pantomime 2019

A project by: Ryan


WE RAISED £1,100

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This project received donations on Fri 06 Dec 2019
Help us to stage the most magical Christmas adventure the Lakeside Theatre has ever seen!

little red riding hood

University of Essex student Little Red Riding-Hood sets out to visit her estranged and mysterious Grandmother for the first time in years. Along the way she stumbles upon the wacky and wonderful Woodlands, and all its zany inhabitants.

Red joins forces with the residents of the Woodlands to save their home from the looming threat of the incredibly evil, yet incredibly fashionable, Big Bad Wolf.

This is the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, with lots of twists and turns along the way! Red will be joined by all the characters you would expect to meet, along with a few other fairy-tale favourites for good measure!

And of course; this is a pantomime, complete with singing, dancing, and showbiz pizzazz.

Join Red Riding-Hood this Christmas for the adventure of a lifetime!


Every year, the Theatre Arts Society (TAS) hosts its annual Christmas pantomime - involving students from across the campus in the biggest show of the year. As the final event on campus before the University closes for the holidays, it provides many fun-filled evenings for the cast, Essex students, and the local community - with residents of Colchester and Wivenhoe attending our sell-out shows every year.

This year, we are telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood on her adventure through the Woodlands to Grandma's house. We want this year's Pantomime to be the most magical show the Lakeside Theatre has ever seen so we're asking you lovely people for donations to make the magic happen!

Where will the money go?

As TAS operates entirely on a not-for-profit basis, and most of our funding comes from our membership, all money raised through Click will go directly into the production of Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Set & Scenic Design - £250 (Big spends here include hiring a back cloth to turn the theatre into a forest, and hiring a rostra to showcase our fantastic band)
  • Marketing - £100 (The marketing budget will primarily be spent on flyer and poster printing)
  • Costume - £150 (We've got an entire cast of humans to turn into animals and creatures through costume and make-up)

If we are lucky enough to raise our full target of £1100, we would be able to build modular set to bring the stage to life (£500), increase our marketing spend to include targeted campaigns across all digital marketing platforms (£300), and dress our ensemble in costumes worthy of a pantomime on the Lakeside stage (£300)! 


We all want a bit of bang for our buck. If you have been generous enough to donate, we’ll send you a proper cheers. Check out our rewards section to the right to see all of the goodies we have on offer!

Find us here

You can check us out on social media, and keep up to date with rehearsals, including interviews with our cast and crew, and pictures and videos of the whole production process.

Facebook: TAS Facebook

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Instagram: TAS Instagram 

Help us succeed!

It takes a lot to produce a show - not just money, but also time, energy, and passion. With your help, we'll be able to showcase a magical Christmas adventure for the University and Colchester community! 

Even if you can't donate you can still help us make the magic happen! Sharing this page on your social media (or chatting to somebody in real life?!) will go a long way!