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Project Atom Boi

A project by: he zhang


WE RAISED £2,304

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This project received donations on Fri 07 Oct 2022
A researched based devising theatre project about apocalyptic fear, nostalgia and forlorn hope.

So, about atom boi...

Project Atom Boi is a performance about apocalyptic fear, nostalgia and forlorn hope.

Can we find hope while believing the world is doomed? 

A researched based devising piece created by a company of diverse cast of mostly migrant artists, we want to face our fear of the future, to look for hope in a journey starting from darkness.

I am raising £2250 to develop and produce this show as part of my final MFA directing project at East 15. This project is also going to be featured as part of the SHIFT+SPACE program at theatre Deli.

This is us!

Hello, my name is He Zhang! I am a theatre maker who mainly works as a director and writer/dramaturg who also sometimes performs and stage manages. I’m currently finishing my directing MFA degree at East 15 acting school and I have an academic background of Comparative Literature from University of Southern California. I was born in Beijing and had been a migrant artist almost all my creative life. I had worked creatively in the US, China and am only recently starting my career in the U.K. My work focuses on the boundary between things, languages, media and creative forms.  

l'm working closely with my associate director Kiki Ye on this project, a East Asian queer theatre artist with a focus on interdisciplinary theatre practice.

Kiki is a London-based bilingual theatre maker from China, completed her latest MA at RCSSD.

Before studying in the UK, she spent five years exploring theatre as a playwright at Central Academy of Drama in Bejing. She questioned the difference between text and performance.

Recently she has been working on many international collaborative theatre productions. She presented Wild Lab for Form(at) Festival 2021 in Camden People Theatre with artists from different culture backgrounds last. It was about both seriousness and lightness in Lesbian group. 

Kiki focuses on the joy of making things happen in the theatre, and she is also interested in composing various elements in performances like images/ camera/ materials.

Beyond Atom Boi, we're also starting a new creative collective Ensemble Not Found to explore new forms of theatre as well as new way of creating performances. Atom Boi will be our first project but we have other exciting stuff coming along the way. We are a collectively run company that welcomes anyone to share and exchange ideas with us as we believe in ensemble led, collectively run devising theatre. 

Our ensemble consist a creative team consisting entirely of migrant artists. You can meet some of us in the promotional video we've linked :)

Where will the money go?

I’m raising the money so that we’ll be able to support our hard working team in making the show the best form it could be!

Venue Hire : £400

Rehearsal space hire: £800

Props and Sets: £200

Fees for technicians: £300

Fees for performers: £400

Transportation: £150

Total Cost: £2250

If we reached the dream target of £2400, we’ll spend it on marketing materials and hiring professional photographer for documentations for taking the show further.

Photographer fee: £100

Printing Materials: £50

Anything beyond our targeted goals will be spent on taking our show further to festivals and developing it to the next stage as this is the beginning of a longer devising process. Our piece has already been featured as part of the Shift+Space program for December at Theatre Deli and will be having more shows then!


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Images and video

Here are some sneak peaks into the R&D workshops we've done over this year :)

Follow us here for this project and other stuff we're working on :))



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