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Help me get to PNU Summer School

A project by: Javairia Qadir


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This project received pledges on Wed 24 May 2017
With your help, I can fulfill a 6 year long dream of travelling to South Korea!

A short summary of my project

I am hoping to raise a minimum of £1,320 for my 5 week summer school trip at Pusan National University. A breakdown of the costs can be viewed below.  This summer school will allow me to engage in a deeper insight to aspects of my course as a Philosophy and Literature student. One of the core modules I will be taking is called 'Understanding Korean Culture' which I feel directly relates to my philosophy degree because it involves an understanding of how people form their beliefs and ideas. However, I am particularly interested in this amazing opportunity because I feel it will boost my career prospects of teaching English in South Korea.

Who am i?

Hi! My name is Javairia Qadir and I am a 2nd Year Philosophy and Literature student at the University of Essex. I see myself as a person who is very ambitious, driven and highly motivated to try new things. I am an avid photographer both professionally and as a hobby in my spare time which is why I love to explore and learn about new places. In my spare time, I also like to write stories about my travels and experiences, which I would love to do with this opportunity.

my story

I have always been immensely interested in Korean culture and I have explored it immensely through social media, however with this trip, I will be able to understand new aspects I have never dealt with before.

As a philosophy student, I have always been interested in different people's beliefs and ideas because this is how communities are formed and illustrated in their respective cultures. Furthermore, coming from an international university has reaffirmed my belief that meeting people from different countries from around the world is truly a privilege and that it broadens the mind. Therefore, I would love to have this opportunity because it will really contribute to my communicative, analytic and theoretical knowledge skills. I am also interested in what it can do for my global outlook as I will be required to integrate into a new society to really take something from my time there. I have been wanting to go to South Korea for many years both for personal travel and educational reasons but never had the means to go till now, which is why this opportunity means so much to me.

Furthermore, as mentioned, I believe that this course will really boost my career prospects of becoming a teacher in South Korea as I will be learning the language as well as subjects relating directly to my degree. I've been wanting to teach in South Korea for several years upon researching it but I have never had an opportunity till now. As a donor, your impact will make this aspiration possible but in enabling me to do so, I will in turn be able benefit others through teaching, so the results could potentially be amazing.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards, living costs (including food, taxi hires etc), flights and activities relating to the summer school. A breakdown can be seen below.

Flights: £700

Living costs: £300

Activities: £320

Minimum: £1320

Overstretch goal: £150

Fluctuating flight prices


Rewards which will be listed alongside this pitch will be postcards sent to you during my trips, personal thank you notes, daily updates both on my Instagram and Facebook etc.

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Help me succeed!

If you cannot donate for whatever reason, I would be grateful if you could share this campaign with anyone who you think can support me on any social media or word of mouth. Sharing is just as important as donating!

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Alumni of the University of Essex matchfunded £650

Javairia Qadir

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Dear All, I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and well wishes I have received from all of you for my summer school. I want to say a huge THANK YOU for every share, every like, every donation and every 'good luck' I have received from all of you. It is hard to put into words how grateful I am to have such supportive people in my life. I was only hoping to reach my minimum target but we reached higher than the maximum which is absolutely astounding. This trip means the world to me and it is only thanks to your dedication to my project that this could happen. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work all of you have put in for this. Many of you are friends of my mother who clearly has some very amazing friends. My mother is my hero and I couldn't have done any of this without her so a huge shoutout to the most supportive mum in the world! Your donations will be used wisely in my summer school, I promise! I wish you all the best, and I would love to return the favour in any way I can so do let me know if can do so! Thank you again and again! Best wishes Javairia x

wish you all the best! may all your dreams come true....sabeena

Good luck almost there :)

Best of luck dear

Wishing you all the best Javairia with fundraising and the wonderful venture in South Korea.

Good luck!

Good Luck! I really hope you get to live your dream. I think it is a great opportunity for you. 'Travel because the best education is the one you experience' Bismillah x

All the best Javairia, Hope you succeed in raising the funds you need for this trip to pursue your deams InShaAllah xx

Good Luck! Best Wishes Ahsan

Good luck inshallah you will raise the funds you need to achieve your ambitions. I am a colleague of Shabana. Syed