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Prenzlauer Berg Players Presents: Romeo & Juliet

A project by: Ethan Emery


WE RAISED £2,873

from 28 donors

Help us raise funds to take our show to the King's Head Theatre in Islington.


Hobnail Theatre are raising funds for their upcoming show 'Prenzlauer Berg Players Present: "Romeo & Juliet" by William Shakespeare', landing in The King's Head Theatre, 21st & 22nd April!

In February they were awarded The Stella Wilkie Award 2024 after PBERG was performed at East 15's Debut Festival. This means they have been given the opportunity to perform a two-show run of the show at The Kings Head Theatre, Islington! Wunderbar!


Hobnail Theatre makes funny, outrageous, larger than life plays which while farcical, also tackle topical elements of our world beyond the fourth wall. Put simply: we like to take inspiration from real stories be it historical or modern and add a splash of silliness. 

The company was founded by two graduating students of the East 15 Acting and Contemporary Theatre course following in the footsteps of companies such as Fat Rascal, Burnt Lemon and Police Cops. 

Lily Aylward, the director of PBERG, loves a good story more than anything. She wants to make work that is playful, bold and ridiculous, but with honesty and sensitivity at its core. 

Henry Barker, our fantastic writer, is an actor/writer who looks to merge the funny and the serious together in his writing to make you laugh but also… think?



The Prenzlauer Berg Players welcome you to a very normal production of Romeo and Juliet. That's right, it's not at all a metaphor for anything else at all. We promise you won't even notice that one actor plays every single part except for Romeo and Juliet but instead that our director is very respectable and very much in control of his cast. Oh, and that huge chunk of the Berlin Wall? We're not sure how that got there either! And please just ignore that tall guy sat in the chair in the corner... And anything that he says...


Don't believe the team? Well, how about listening to some of their lovely audience members instead?

  • "Wildly entertaining and outrageously funny with a razor-sharp script and impeccable comedic timing" - Malachy Luckie (Gecko Theatre)
  • "This company knows what they're doing and execute it to excruciating perfection where the laughs keep on landing!" Bryony Shanahan (Former Artistic Director of the Royal Exchange, Manchester)
  • "Clever, funny, political, moving!"
  • "Wildly hilarious play. Would watch again, and again in a heartbeat"
  • "Ridiculously funny show that makes you fall in love with the characters and rally for their cause"

Just look at how much fun these two dummkopf's were having:

Where will the money go?

In an effort of complete transparency a breakdown of the estimated costs that you would be helping to fund has been left below.


  • Poster and flyer printing - £50
  • PR assistance - £100
  • E-Marketing Campaigns - £500
  • Costume, set and props hire - £500
  • Van hire - £80
  • Show consumables - £50
  • Equity rate wages for our 6 actors, director and stage manager (PERFORMANCE DAYS ONLY) - £2,016

If they are lucky enough to make more than the target they have set, that money will go towards covering the travel of the actors and creative team, and if they are really lucky maybe they will even get to pay themselves for the rehearsal process too! Fantastisch!

Should they be lucky enough to have any money left after this, it will be invested into the future of the company and their next productions, whenever and wherever they may be!


Of course, Hobnail are not asking for your money without offering anything in return so make sure you check out the rewards they are offering for those willing to donate.

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From everyone at Hobnail Theatre, thank you for taking the time to read and please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Instagram, by email, telephone or even a chat over the wall.

All Production Shots thanks to Andrew H Williams