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Help Pantano & Co. TOUR the UK!

A project by: Noah Pantano


WE RAISED £1,210

from 21 donors

Pantano & Co. are bringing two exciting queer shows to Brighton Fringe and the Lakeside Theatre


Two amazing queer productions - both in need of your help to tour the UK! Help be a leader in supporting young artists who are putting on daring and cutting-edge queer theatre. University of Essex, thanks to the amazing CLICK program, is offering to match the first £500 donated to see us succeed! (AKA: for the first £500 of donations, every pound you donate is really two!) And if that wasn't enough, a whole host of rewards await! 

Who are you?

Pantano & Co. is a Colchester-based theatre group spearheaded by PHD Theatre Studies student Noah Alfred Pantano. It features a group of incredible local performers (all of whom you can read about in the coming sections). Our company focuses on producing LGBTQ+ centered stories that dispel stereotypes about queerness and bring unique voices and perspectives to the stage. 


Two Come Home - A New Play with Music 

by Joe Oliver Eason

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BLURB: Evan Nicolson lives a simple, solitary life post-incarceration in a small Appalachian ex-mining town. The return of both his monstrous father and teenage best friend turns Evan’s lonely life upside down.


March 1st - Lakeside Theatre

May 21-26th - Brighton Fringe


Joe Eason as Owen Nicholson

Nicola Goodchild as Amy Nicolson

James Burton as Caleb Nicholson

Ben Maytham as Jimmy Thomas

Noah Alfred Pantano as Director and Greg Wilson

Jenna Saiz-Abo Henriksen as Singer

Cam Southcott as Violinist

Elizabeth Cleone Hopland as Assistant Director and Cellist

Hannelore Canessa-Wright as Production & Stage Manager

Spit It Out

by Alice Stephens

BLURB: Emily is finally ready to come out as a transgender woman. However, she worries that she will be ostracized by relatives and face workplace discrimination. She soon experiences the strain of being openly trans in friendships and relationships, while staying closeted in her profession and to family.


Feb 17/18 - Pinch of Vault Festival

Feb 23rd - Lakeside Theatre

May 22-26 - Brighton Fringe


Audrey Thompson as Emily

Isobel Sheards as Boss/Ensemble

Robyn Faye as Sarah/Ensemble

Joe Eason as Aunt Jean/Kyle/Ensemble

Hannelore Canessa-Wright as Production & Stage Manager

The Pantano & Co. story

Pantano & Co. is a brand new repertory theatre company featuring an ensemble of experienced performers from Colchester. Standing On A Nail - A Queer Horror Story was our first production and a hit at both the Lakeside Theatre (where we sold out the entire 200 person auditorium) and Colchester Fringe (where we were the best selling play of Fringe). 

Following Standing On A Nail, we've looked beyond queer horror to develop works that situate LGBTQ+ performers, writers, and stories. Every work we are bringing to Brighton works to challenge homophobia, dated queer writing tropes, and situate LGBTQ+ voices front and centre. 

In addition to our Brighton Fringe performances, Spit It Out will premiere at the Pinch of Vault Festival on the 17/18 of February. Furthermore, Spit It Out and Two Come Home will be at the Lakeside Theatre on 23rd of February and 1st of March respectively. If that wasn't enough, we are in talks with several theatres to show up throughout the UK (but those dates are secret for now). 

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards covering the cost of accommodation, travel, and food at Brighton Fringe. 

Accommodation - £1500 for 8+ people

Food - £400 for 8+ people

Travel - £100 (Carpooling) 

With any extra money, we will spend it towards production costs including marketing, venue hiring fees, and paying our performers an additional amount on top of profits.


We have an exciting selection of rewards for those who donate to our Brighton fund! Everything from free tickets, personal thank you's, signed scripts and posters, and more. You may even have a location named after you. Check it out! 

Find us here

Two Come Home: @twocomehomeplay

Spit It Out: @spititoutplay

Standing On A Nail: @soanqueerhorror

Help us succeed!

Every quid helps feed a hungry starving artist and house them during an amazing week of Fringe Theatre.




(And with University of Essex helping to match the first 500£ funding, you're really donating twice as much!) 

Can't donate? No worries! Please share our project anywhere you can - Facebook, Instagram, Grindr, Glory Holes, Pigeon Messengers, and even MySpace! 

And even better, if you're in the area, please come see us at the Lakeside Theatre, Pinch of Vault Festival, and Brighton Fringe! And if you cannot, stay tuned... we have a whole bunch of dates planned on our tour to be announced... Thank you for your support!