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'Night Train' Set Fund

A project by: Mukti Murton

pledged of £300 target
Help us fund the build of the set for our show 'Night Train', debuting at the 2024 Edinburgh Fringe

What your contribution will go towards 

We are raising £250 to build a versatile and robust set which will bring the Night Train to life. We have designed our set to survive touring and increase the lifespan of both the set and the show. The modular construction of the build additionally provides us with the opportunity to reuse and recycle elements of the set, meaning your contribution will take us a lot further than just the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe. 

Who are we

Tellus Theatre Company is a brand-new Theatre Company coming out of the  East 15 World Performance course. Tellus emerged through the desire to create collaboratively, explore and push the boundaries of our medium. The international foundations of Tellus, from our origins to  our training in World Performance, have led to a desire to create theatre which is inclusive of our world's storytelling methods and traditions. We want a theatre of the earth, yes the whole of it, and its people, all of them too. 

what is 'night train'?

When Maia finds herself tied up at the back of a mysterious train, she embarks on an expedition, seeking answers to how and why she ended up there. In this soulful journey of exploration, she meets many a quizzical character and a handful of merry morons.

Our first production 'Night Train' reflects the doubts, joys and dreams young adults face in a rapidly changing modern world. Open yourself to ask questions, seek answers, laugh and feel as you dive headfirst into the world of the 'Night Train'. "The future is malleable, pliable, shapeable like a clay vase spinning endlessly in a workshop", be a part of it. 

Where will the money go?

  • If we achieve our minimum goal in this campaign we will be able to fully realise our set and its design. 
  • If we hit our full target we will be able to invest in higher-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and reusable construction. 
  • Any additional cost will go towards supporting our cast at the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe. 
  • We would love to keep you updated on our progress towards the Fringe via our social media. 


  • We have some great rewards for donations starting from as little as 5 pounds, including stickers (see below) posters and even a free ticket to our show. So go check them out!

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Instagram: @tellustheatre

Facebook: Tellus Theatre Company

Tik Tok:@tellustc

Website: tellustheatre.com

Help us succeed!

  • We are immensely grateful for any and all contributions to this project, donations big or small can take us one step closer to achieving our goal. Even if you aren't able to help financially, sharing this fundraiser and following us on our social media is just as valuable to young artists such as us. 
  • Once again thank you for your support, Tellus.