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Essex Blades American Football

A project by: Dan Roots


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This project received donations on Thu 26 Sep 2019
Help us raise money for new jerseys

Help us raise money towards new jerseys 

Who are WE?

The Essex Blades are a growing American Football team competing in the BUCS South East Tier 2 league and are involved with many events at the University, such as Alumni weekend and Derby Day. We rely on a committed group of volunteer coaches who help us improve as a team. Along with the coaches we have a group of players who are very committed in seeing us succeed as a club.

A short summary of our campaign

Our aim is to buy new jerseys to return to traditional blades colours and branding. our current jerseys are grey and don't have the blades logo. The new jerseys will be primarily red to keep with blades colours and have the proud blades logo on them. We have already raised enough money for 26 new jerseys through other means. We have set the minimum target at £855 which is enough for 19 additional new jerseys. This would give us 45 new jerseys in total which is the minimum we need for a new set. We have set the fundraising target at £1080 which is enough for 24 additional new jerseys which would give us our ideal ambition of 50 total new jerseys.

Essex blades american football team

I am Daniel and I'm the president of the club and my goal is to help this team build on last seasons great achievements and continue to strive for greatness. Last year we had over 60 registered players in one of our best season in history with us winning the post-season playoffs and winning the conference with an unbeaten record. This earned us promotion to division 1 next season. We will be looking to build on this next season with most of the squad returning, plus new players that will be recruited to give us the extra edge to challenge in division 1.

Where will your money go?

We have already raised some money for these jerseys, and are now just looking to raise the rest in order to purchase these. Your money will be put towards purchasing new bespoke jerseys from Football America. They are being designed in blades branding with the traditional blades red and logos.

  • X-Road Customised Football Jersey x 24 (£45 each)