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Presenting Papers at Three International Conferences

A project by: natalia ciofu



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Help a young researcher to further a career in academia and contribute to literary scholarship

A short summary of My project

As I am an early career academic I have to participate in different conferences in order to present my papers and get feedback from academics in my field! This year I am talking at three conferences in London, Newcastle and Corsham.

Who AM I?

My name is Natalia Ciofu and I am a PhD student from the University of Essex that have recently submitted and successfully defended my doctoral thesis.  My doctoral thesis examines the representations and dynamics of crime and inner punishment in a range of European literary works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: F.M. Dostoevsky`s Crime and Punishment (1866), L. Rebreanu`s Ciuleandra (1927) and P. Ackroyd`s Hawksmoor (1985), while tracing the developments of crime fiction and the changes in criminal legal system over the span of one hundred and nineteen years.

My story

I'm raising £700 to participate in three international conferences in the UK that will help me to further my academic career and contribute to the literary scholarship through my enriching research! The first conference entitled "Mirror, Mirror, Perceptions, Deceptions, and Reflections in Time" (Birkbeck, University of London) explores how our virtual concepts and reconstructed worlds impact humanity, the arts, and nature in the age of rising anthropocentrism. I will be talking about the inward reality of the criminal mind in Peter Ackroyd`s novel Hawksmoor , and I will be also chairing a conference panel.

The second conference - "A Civilizing Moment? Reflecting on 150 years since the abolition of public execution" (Newcastle), focuses on the Capital Punishment Amendment Act`s origins, intentions, reception and reality. My paper will examine the change in perception and thinking of punishment in Fyodor Dostoevsky`s Crime and Punishment (1866), Liviu Rebreanu`s Ciuleandra (1927) and Peter Ackroyd`s Hawksmoor (1985) and will argue that these novels should be understood as the nodal points which trace an important trajectory in intellectual history, one which sees a transition from physical to psychological punishment, and from the externalized (exteriorly engaged and validated) idea and practice of punishment to an introjected one.

Last but not least, the third conference "Captivating Criminality" (Bath Spa University) explores the ways in which Crime Fiction as a genre is able to incorporate both traditional ideas and themes, as well as those from outside mainstream and/or dominant ways of thinking. My paper will focus on the idiographic assessment of the criminal psyche in Liviu Rebreanu`s Ciuleandra .

My purpose of participating in these conferences is to talk about and discuss my research with other academics in the field, exchange ideas and get advice to take my research to the next level.

Where will the money go?


Apart from my infinite gratitude to my supporters, I will also provide some rewards to thank everyone who donates even more. Check them out on the sidebar!

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