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Mouthful of Fingers

A project by: Andrew Mapperley


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This project received donations on Tue 23 Aug 2022
Secrets, blood and milk, nothing will be left unspilt

Mouthful of Fingers

We are raising £3000 to help put on our show Mouthful of Fingers at The Bridge House Theatre.

An intense, post-apocalyptic thriller that spawned out of the Debut Festival at East 15 and is making its way, once again, to a London Stage. A play about twisted truths, feeble minds and sadistic revenge. We are so excited to bring this show to a new audience at the gorgeous Bridge House Theatre in South London in November 2022!

Who are we?

We are Insecta, a company co-founded by Andrew Mapperley and Elisabetha Gruener in January 2022, graduating students of the Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School. We have produced the plays Mouthful of Fingers, Desensitised and Our Box. Their work has been performed at Debut Festival, The Bread & Roses Theatre, The Glitch and Launch Festival.

Insecta creates distorted worlds that merge time periods and joins poetry and minimalism, allowing the audience to pick apart the fantasy to find their truth underneath. Insecta is the theatre that gets under your nails and stays there. The poison and the antidote of the 21st century living. Insecta eats the ancestors, feeds the future, and survives, patiently, until it finds you again.

Our story

Mouthful of Fingers is a play about isolation. It looks at what happens to a family when they are separated from reality and how each of them change in either mind, body and soul. After the entire world has gone through one of the biggest global periods of isolation (lock-down), we felt it was important to give a place for people to explore and reflect upon how they might have changed through the lens of a fantastical story. 

The play also explores how truth and reality can have two entirely separate meanings. The family in the story convince themselves and each other of what is true despite what reality is clearly telling them. In our modern society we are constantly bombarded by versions of the truth; the news, conspiracy theories, social media, etc, making it hard to work out what is real. We hope that showing the absurdity of this in fiction will help provide clarity to our audience on working out their own reality. 

As a company we strive to make work that everyone can gain something from. We encourage our audiences to look for their own interpretations of our work, debate with others after the show and leave asking questions to themselves and each other. By donating to this project you will be helping us reach new audiences and sparking fresh conversations.

Where will the money go?

We have secured a week long run at The Bridge House Theatre the 8th-12th of November which we are super excited for, but we need your help! 

If we raise our minimum target of £2,000 that will cover our production costs, including:

  • Marketing - £250 (Printing posters, flyers and boosting social media posts)
  • Transport - £300 (Hiring a van to get set to and from the venue)
  • Props/Set - £250 (Buying new props and set)
  • Costume - £200 (Purchase and hire)
  • Rehearsal rooms £500
  • Stage Manager/Technician £500

If we hit our stretch target of £3,000, we will also be able to pay for:

  • Recording Studio Hire: £400
  • Actors' expenses: £600

We will be doing updates at least once every two weeks (so make sure you give us a follow, link at the bottom)


We have various rewards for different levels of donation so whether you can donate £5 or £500 then check out our awesome rewards! Just a little thank you for helping us out.

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