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Volunteering in Marrakech

A project by: Natalia Rutkowska



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This project received donations on Fri 21 Jun 2019
Help me with making an impact

My project

I'm raising £600 to do a volunteer in project from AIESEC organization in Morocco. AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization. People with different backgrounds are getting to know each other’s cultures and supporting with gaining common global goals. I would love to contribute to this idea by taking part with one of its projects.

Sustainable Prosperity in Marrakech is a project for innovative young people willing to develop the identity of Non-Profit organizations in Marrakesh. One of my main responsibilities will be to work for the local NGO- “High Atlas Foundation”.

about me

My name is Natalia and I am 20 years old. I am a second year International Relations student. My main field of interests in my course is development in African countries. At the beginning of my carrier I would love to do loads of internships and volunteering in many countries. Before starting my degree I was an activist in my town, promoting many humanitarian actions. 

I will be spending 6 weeks, from 1/08 till 14/09 volunteering in Marrakesh. This project is an amazing chance as I am willing to work in the NGO sector in the future. This project offers me getting involved with the local NGO and have a chance to share my previous gained skills and ideas with them. It would give me an opportunity to find out more about NGO work.

I am doing this because it is a great chance to make a positive impact. There is nothing like contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle the issues I am most passionate about. I will be also able to experience new cultures,with other voluneers form all around. Moreover, it would be a perfect opportunity to gained some personal skills that will help me with my future career. If you don't try to experience new things, I'll never find my full potential.

My main tasks during the project:

-helping NGOs to enhance the packaging of their products and activities;

-working in an mutinational and diverse team;

-writing weekly results;

-improving the reach of social media channels of the NGO;

-helping with creatingI innovative blogs branding the NGOs.

Where will the money go?

Here a short and sweet breakdown of where the money goes to:

Project fees: £230

Approximate costs of my flights: £250 

Necessary expenses (food and transport for 6 weeks): £120


I will be really grateful!!!

Any donation will matter for my project. 

I will be happy to send you some pictures, postcards or souvenirs from my volunteering in Marrakech