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Mind the Gap

A project by: Maria Lisberg-Jonasson


WE RAISED £1,036

from 18 donors

This project received donations on Thu 19 Sep 2019
Help your Scandi-friends put on their showcase in Copenhagen!

Nordisk gravøl - performance showcase in copenhagen

We're raising money to help us create an awesome devised performance showcase in Copenhagen. The Mind the Gap ensemble consists of East15 students and graduates and we have already invited the whole of the Danish and Norwegian industry to come and watch it. The goal of the showcase is to create a link between the English and Scandinavian industry. The focus is especially to give Scandinavian East15 alumni the possibility of working across borders both in the UK and in Scandinavia. We want to show them how awesome East15'ers are and why they should hire us!

mind the gap ensemble

Mind the Gap was created in 2018 by East15 students with the desire to introduce Scandinavian East15 students to the Scandinavian acting industry.

Salle Salée: Actor, Producer

Heidi C. Nielsen: Actor, Producer

Pernille Rosengren: Actor, Producer

Maria Lisberg-Jonasson: Actor, Musical Director, Assistant Producer

Henriette Laursen: Actor, Assistant Producer

Lisa-Marie Flowers Larsen, Actor, Musician

Dennis Due: Actor, Musician 

Andreas Forné: Actor

Tamara Rugaard: Director

Joachim Rødgaard: Light Design

Mia Søndergaard Nielsen: Stage Manager

From Then till now to the future

We have been planning this showcase since May 2018 and we are very excited to soon reach our opening date. Being part of an industry which is highly competitive, we believe this will create a great opportunity to showcase ourselves and the skills we learnt abroad. We want to show how we as East 15 actors stand out (from a very big crowd!).

Not only will the show be beneficial to us, but we also believe this project can be an opportunity for future Scandinavian East 15 alumni to annually showcase themselves in Scandinavia.

Where will the money go?

Transport to Copenhagen: £400

PR: £250

Set: £200

Costume: £100

Housing for cast in Copenhagen: £300

If we achieve our target, we will:

- be able to finance travel for some of the actors living in the UK

- we will be able to promote our show even further

- we will be able to get a set design and costumes

If we reach above our target we will:

- finance all of the travel, housing and living expenses for the whole cast and crew

We will make sure to keep you all updated on how we're getting on with the show! Find us on social media! 


£10 - Social media shout out!

£50 - Personal video thank you!

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Our very own hashtag! - #mindthegapnordic 

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