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Military veterans with PTSD French fishing research

A project by: Mark Wheeler


WE RAISED £3,245

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This project received donations on Fri 07 Sep 2018
To take a group of military veterans with PTSD to France to research the effect on their symptoms.

A short summary of MY project

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder that people may develop after being involved in, or witnessing, traumatic events. I am raising funds to take a group of military veterans, who are currently struggling with PTSD after their period in service, away to France to fish for a week. This is an attempt to replicate previous study results which found reduction of their symptoms. Many military veterans are survivors of traumatic events and my research has demonstrated significant improvement in their symptoms by engaging them in group angling sessions in the UK. I am now attempting to research the effect of increasing the time spent together as well as making the trip abroad. If this research can demonstrate improvement this potentially will be able to help many survivors of trauma.

Who aM I?

I am a High Intensity Psychological Therapist within the NHS and also a PhD researcher at Essex University. I specialise in working with the survivors of trauma. Living in the garrison town of Colchester many of my patients are military veterans. I am passionate about helping these survivors of trauma and believe my research has already saved lives, I want to heLp and save others.

My story

I have completed a PhD researching into the benefits of group outdoor activities (fishing) in the reduction of symptoms in PTSD, I now want to expand on these findings by increasing the experience felt by the veterans by making the triPs longer and abroad. I am hoping this longer period spent together will increase the opportunities for friendships to be made and therefore broaden the participant's support networks. I hope also that by talking to each other and sharing their experiences this will aid their recovery.

This is important to me as I feel we owe it to these ex service men and women to try and aid their recovery. If you are able to give something back to these men and women, who have given so much for you through their military service, the money will enable us to continue researching this important area. PTSD can be a severely debilitating disorder and sadly can blight people's lives for years. Any respite we can offer is of huge benefit to this notoriously challenging group to treat.

Where will the money go?

If I hit the minimum funding amount this will pay for the transportation and food for 10 military veterans to attend the trip later in 2018. If the full amount is raised I will be able to buy new equipment for them to use on the trip as we currently function by using second hand kit donated to us which is not always of the best condition. I will give weekly updates on the progress of this fundraising. Current cost projections are

  • Lake rentals = £5,500
  • Food and Transport for veterans = £2000
  • Bait and Tackle = £2,000
  • Food and Transport for coaches and staff = £1000
  • Cost of filming documentary = £3,000
  • Insurance = £200


  • All that donate will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a fishing session for 2 people for 24 hours on the prestigious Berners Hall Fishery https://bernershallfishery.com/ . Also all donations of £10 or more will receive a free iCARP wristband.

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