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Mental Health Charity Volunteer

A project by: Michael Cook


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Promoting Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing in Sri Lanka.

My project

SLV Global is a charity focused on teaching and spreading positive awareness of mental health... GLOBALLY.

My trip is centred in Sri Lanka, a country where mental illness is far less understood, & with a suicide rate twice that of the UK.

As a psychology & neuroscience undergraduate - with plans of further education in this field - this placement is very important to me, providing me with a range of skills that will benefit both my future careers as well as my life in general.

The reality...

No one is immune to mental illness, making this charity even more important.

  • 1 in 4 people have the symptoms of at least 1 diagnosable mental health disorder.

The truth is, mental health issues are present in people all around us, whether it is diagnosed or not, the important thing is that we learn ways to help better each other; avoiding stigma & stereotyping in the process.

Funding this trip will help provide me with the fundamental skills to help people better handle their mental states - increasing their livelihood & helping them to be a well-functioning member of society. 

SLV Global will train me to help manage a range of mental health issues from stress management, to addiction, & even trauma. These transferable skills will return home with me after 2 months of volunteering - 5 days a week.

Where will the money go?

  • Placement Fees:           £1700
  • Travel insurance            £80
  • VISA                              £50
  • Jabs*                             £260
  • Total:                   Aprx. £2090

*Japanese B Encephalitis - £200,   Hepatitis A - £60

I have already payed for flights [£600] & the placement acceptance fee [£250].

During the trip i will be staying with a Sri Lankan family that will provide me with food. SLV Global provide transportation from work to home each weekday. However, on weekends i must find my own accommodation and food.


This trip benefits both the local community, & myself, providing me with valuable work experience and practical life skills.

Therefore, for my sponsors I have arranged several gift options to help say thanks for making this adventure possible, just check out the rewards section on this page! =)

... & the more you give, the more I give back!

Where to find me

To show where your attention and money is going, I will be posting daily/weekly updates of the placement on my open Instagram account, showing the activities and projects the team and I are running, & how these schemes can be beneficial for everyone's mental wellbeing... Including yours!

If you have any queries, please ask, I am more than happy to answer!

Link to my open Instagram

Or email me at mc17718@essex.ac.uk

Help me succeed!

You don't have to donate to help me succeed. Like, share & follow my experience on social media, and show anybody you believe will have particular interest in my educational expedition. 

Any attention helps, the more people that see it, the better!

Donating will also relieve me of the pressures of working 20 hours a week as a waiter, alongside obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Neuroscience. This is proving pretty hard alone.

So if you can, please donate... every penny helps.

Thank you for supporting this cause!

SLV Global's Registered Charity Number - 1175589