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Latin American Business Summer School

A project by: Charlotte Clifford


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This project received donations on Thu 15 Jun 2017
Where there's a will, there's a way,,, with your help!

A short summary my project

I am raising £1500-£2300 because I wish to attend the Tecnológico de Monterrey summer school in Mexico to take part in the “Doing Business in Latin America” course for 4 weeks.  In this time, I will study up to 96 hours and gain an accreditation worth 3-6 university credits. This specific course will help me better understand the social, cultural, political and legal aspects of various Latin American countries, as well as their economies, of which Mexico, Colombia and Brazil interest me the most. The course also offers a number of activities that will allow us to better understand different aspects of Mexican culture, such as a visit to the Museum of Mexican History and a trip to the Villa de Santiago historic town. In addition to the course and the university, my daughter Lidia and myself will be able to improve our Spanish, which we already speak at home, hopefully learn some new cooking recipes and make new friends and connections for the future.

Who am I?

My name is Charlotte Clifford and I am a second-year mature student studying ‘Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies’. When I started my degree, it was with the intention to go in to the area of translation and interpreting within international business based in Latin America or the Caribbean. As I progress through my degree I am reassured that this will be the right choice for me and my family.

My story

It is easy to step back and watch the university placements and experiences go by when you are a single parent. "Opportunities are only for the young ones" or " these experiences aren't suitable for mature students, especially those with children. .." I hear this often and I am here to prove that, on the contrary, these opportunities are exactly what I need. As aforementioned, I plan to take my skills and qualifications to Latin America on completion of my studies, and I am told by many friends from this region that their countries have a lot to offer - however, as a mature student, I must demonstrate a higher level of ability and prove that I have something more to offer than a younger graduate. This is the reality, and this is my biggest motivation to work and study hard and seek out the opportunities that are most applicable and of interest to me, and that will enrich my degree. This experience is not just for now, but also for the future.

Where will the money go?

  • The minimum donation target will cover my flights from England to Monterrey, Mexico- £900, additional transfer travel costs - £50, travel insurance - £50 and money towards our accommodation - £500. This amounts to £1500 in total which is our minimum target donation.
  • The further funding target amount of £2300 would, in addition to the above, cover the flight cost of my daughter - £800.
  • Should we exceed both targets, it would increase the comfort of the journeys and allow more childcare flexibility.


  • I have some great rewards to show my thanks to all my donors - please have a look on the right-hand side of my page!

Find me here

  • http//:www.facebook.com/charlotte.clifford.710
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