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Meat Cute

A project by: Shawn Lu


WE RAISED £2,100

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This project received donations on Mon 28 Nov 2022
A woman is on a mission. Vegans, tinder, apple juice, will she ever swipe right?

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‘A woman is on a mission to find the perfect candidate. Tinder. Vegans. Apple juice. Will she ever swipe right?’

‘Meat Cute’, written by and starring Bibi Lucille (narcissistic, right?), is a one-woman comedy that first performed as a short 10-minute monologue at Patch Plays' first scratch night in October 2020. Audiences responded well to the comedy of the piece (thank god), expressing engagement with the new and somewhat provocative themes of veganism through its heightened comedy and the relatability of a woman lost in her early twenties. Since then, we developed the script into a full-length play, fusing our passion for animal rights, comedy and feminism, creating an hour long show that performed at three London venues in 2021. The show garnered five-star reviews and gained a spot with the finalists at the Offest awards… pretty cool stuff, hey. (Although the awards were online, so we were just getting drunk in our bedrooms. I mean, what’s new?) 

The team behind the show are now ready to take ‘Meat Cute’ to the screen! But it turns out making a film is a hell of a lot more expensive that making a play. So, we’re turning to the public. Any contribution you make would mean the absolute world to us. We wanna pay our crew, feed em, get some equipment to actually film the thing and distribute it around the UK. Every penny will be put to great use! 

I'm raising £2100 to produce the film "Meat Cute" which will solve this problem make the thing happen.

Who are you?

I'm Shawn Lo who is currently studying in BA Stage and Production Management at East 15 Acting School (University of Essex). I'm invited to be an assistant producer for the Meat Cute film production. My previous experience includes assistant stage management, costume, set and LX/sound. Here is my previous project below at East 15. Beauty And The Beast (2021), The Snow Queen (2021)

Oedipus The Visionary (2022), Tartuffe (2022), Seagull (2022), Bad Road (2022), Love and Information (2022), Don Juan Comes Back From The War (2022), Emilia (2022), Curs (2022), Mundus et Infans et Terra Mater (2022). 

Where will the money go?

To break it down for you, here’s a rough guide on where the money is going. 

£1k: Equipment. 

£1k: Paying crew. 

£1k: Paying for location and contingencies! 

If, by a miracle, we raise more than £3k, we will be able to rent out better equipment, cooler locations and raise crew fees! Now, who doesn’t want that? If we don’t hit the target, no drams. We will continue to go ahead with filming but on a slightly smaller scale. 

Now the boring logistical stuff is out of the way, let’s get onto rewards! If you help us out, we wanna give you something back in return. You can choose to be a part of the film (and actually have some screen time!), we’ll send you some merch (who doesn’t love a tote bag) and there’s a chance that we may just have a screening… and if we do, all our contributors will be invited. 

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Instagram: @sonderscapefilms

Help us succeed!

We get it, we’re asking you to donate, in this economy! But alas, any help, money based or not, is so so appreciated. Making a noise about the campaign, giving it a cheeky share or a post on the ever elusive instagram story would mean the world. Let’s make a movie, baby!