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Overseas Learning Opportunity!

A project by: Mathew Richens


WE RAISED £1,575

from 35 donors

Can you help student nurse Mat fundraise with Travelteer for a mental health placement in Sri Lanka?


Travelteer are offering nursing students the opportunity to gain insight into both Eastern and Western approaches to treatment in a variety of mental and physical healthcare settings.

Who aM I?

My name is Mat. I am a second year student working towards his mental health nursing degree. I have been offered the chance by Travelteer to take part in an overseas learning experience in Sri Lanka to develop my skills as a nurse in hospital and community settings.


My time in Sri Lanka would be spread out between the following projects:

  • Observing and assisting Doctors and Nurses on mental health wards at the Karapitiya and Asiri            Teaching Hospitals. 
  • Learning about and preparing traditional Eastern treatments and remedies for stress and anxiety at the     Ayurvedic Treatment Centre. 
  • Having a positive impact on the local community volunteering at the Sambodhiya Centre supporting     disadvantaged children with varying disabilities. 

Where will the money go?

Should we be successful, your contributions to this project will go directly towards funding this learning experience.

This includes:

  • Registration Fees (£168)
  • Flights and Transfers (approx. £1000)
  • Accommodation, Food, Assigned Transport to Placements (via Travelteer) (£406)
  • Any additional money raised will contribute to additional fees such as obtaining electronic visa as well as shuttle from airport to accommodation.


I may not have much to offer besides my eternal gratitude, but for anyone able to spare upwards of £5 I will gladly provide and email or message via social media of thanks alongside a photo or two from the trip. For those able and willing to donate £15 and up, I intend to take my trusty sketchbook away with me, and as well as a physical thank you card I will post it alongside an A4 print of artwork inspired by the experience. For those who are able to spare anything beyond the £25 mark, I will be happy to post to you a card of thanks, an A4 print as well as a page of original artwork, also inspired by the trip. 


While every penny helps us to succeed, it's not all about the money. I would be grateful to any of you who would be willing to share this page to your own socials or even to anybody who may be able to support this incredible learning experience for me, and spread the word and assisting organisations like Travelteer in breaking barriers in healthcare around the world!