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French Language Summer School in Lyon, France

A project by: Xingyu Teo



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This project received donations on Tue 08 May 2018
Please support me to attend the French Language Summer School in Lumière University Lyon 2.

French Language Summer School in Lyon, France

I'm raising funds to take part in an Intensive French Language Summer Programme in Lyon, France for a month where I will be involved in various long and short projects which focus on the comprehension and expression of intermediate French.

As I am currently taking Intensive Initial French module in the University of Essex, this is a great opportunity for me to further improve my French skills and to learn more about the French culture.

about me

My name is Xingyu and I am a second-year Philosophy student in the University of Essex. Even though my major does not require me to take up another foreign language, I have always liked learning new languages. I strongly believe that learning a foreign language opens up my worldview as it allows me to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds and to develop my cultural awareness.

my story

I have chosen to study French as my optional module because I am really interested in Existentialism which is a philosophical theory that emphasises on one's existence as a free agent who determines her own life through one's act of the will. Existentialism is most famously advocated by French Philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir. Therefore, I have decided to study French in order to be able to read their essays and writings in French one day.

Besides that, I have also come to develop an interest in the French culture as I learned more about it from the textbook which is why I really wanted to take up this opportunity to experience the French culture not just from the textbook but in real life. This would enable me to broaden my horizon and to gain an invaluable insight on the French way of living by immersing myself into the local French culture.

However, unlike the other French Language major students who are taking the same French module as I am in the University of Essex, my tuition fee for the summer school programme and the non-refundable deposit are not covered by the university. This means that I would have to pay more than the other French major students in order to attend the summer school. Therefore, every penny contributed by you would help me to reduce my financial burden and bring me one step closer to my dream of living in France for a month.

Where will Your donations go?

Minimum Goal: £250

  • About half of the total cost of the programme tuition fee  - £250

Stretch Goal: £580

  • Total cost of the programme tuition fee - £505
  • Non-refundable deposit for the programme - £80


To show my gratitude for your kind contribution, some rewards and incentives will be given for whatever amount you might contribute. Please check them out on the right side of the page.

fun fact about lyon: fête des lumières (Festival of lights)

The Festival of Lights which showcases amazing light performance with unique designs is held in Lyon every year in December to express gratitude toward Mother Mary.

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