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Volunteering as a Lifestyle

A project by: Tereza Bucharová



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This project received donations on Wed 28 Jun 2017
Volunteering, surviving, Portugal, intercultural exchange, learning


I'm rising £500 to feel the power of community sharing! I will be going to a small village in Portugal to help a Portuguese family with their business. They provide bed, I provide skills!

me, explorer

I've just finished my first year of International Relations & Modern Languages at the University of Essex. I'm a member of Squash Club, Swimming Club and Amnesty International Society. I have been volunteering since I was 15 years old. I love languages, travelling and sports. In my free time, I genuinely love Eurovision - I'm a vice president of the biggest Slovakian fan club and I take care of the official webpage and all of our social media.

This summer, I would love to know more about cultura lusitana! desperately in love with Iberian Peninsula and I simply want to immerse myself into Portuguese. However, I don't want to spend loads of money, therefore, I try to make my volunteering low cost.

modern & old fashioned volunteering

I have been volunteering for many years now. Either in my community or abroad. That's made me who I'm and without volunteering, I wouldn't even think of going to Essex. For me, it is a very pure form human kindness. I will be going to Portugal and I will be surviving on this "pure form of human kindness". Portugal is a modern European country, however, there are still people who need help of volunteers. My host family in Portugal provides accommodation to the tourist. They have two properties consisting of approximately 8 rooms. They will provide me with a place to sleep, breakfast & snack and bike and I will help them with cleaning the property, accommodating guests and marketing. And I think that's amazing - I will be doing very modern things but in very old fashioned way!

I will spend at least 4 weeks by volunteering (1/2/3rd July until 31st July). The rest depends on flight tickets (the cheapest option around that date). Daily volunteering will take me around 5 hours and includes preparing breakfast, cleaning, check in/out. I have one day off (dia de folga, yes!).


The essential part of my spending will be the transport. Prices of flight tickets (from my home country -  Czech Republic) are going up every summer. Plus, as it is a really small village not close to any other city, it takes time and funding to get there. The rest will pay me meals - as the family can only provide me breakfast and some snack, I will do my shopping and cook.

If I hit  more than the full target -

Any extra funding  would be very appreciated and would bring interesting and special souvenirs to my kind donors.

I will provide updates before the start of the project, in the middle and in the end. It might be complicated to be online every day or regularly.

My budget:

Transportation (flight tickets, train, bus, all return): £280

Necessary expenses (food for 5 weeks by my current budget, insurance): £220

This budget is based on a current prices of flight tickets.


The best souvenirs Portugal can offer are coming to you! (no, I won't bring any pasteis de nata, please donate anyway!). I will try to bring something small and original.

PS.: Hopefully, I will take the same photo in Melides as in the picture. Just without the coat...

PPS.: I know, my photoshops skills are really poor...or aren't they?