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Completion Date: Thu 02 Mar 2023
A devised show exploring the relationship between language and the human condition.

A short summary of THE SHOW

Languageist is a devised show made by new immigrants from Asia and Africa exploring the relationship between language and the human condition. It uses experimental elements in theatre, such as installations, physical theatre and performance art to provoke audiences to think about how language impacts us and to ask the questions: what is language and can language only be expressed through words? 

The Company

Bodies for Rent is a London-based international theatre company. We are an ensemble-driven company, established in 2021 by 5 immigrants, all graduating from East 15 Acting School. Our work focuses on expressing our personal experiences and feelings as misfits of the mainstream. We’re dedicated to creating new languages and methods in devising and improvising theatre.

As most of our work is self-funded, we are looking to raise £500 - £2000 to create the installation we will use in the show. The installation constructs the bridge between the abstract concepts of the show and the performers by collecting the sounds made by the performers and translating it into a reactionary dance of multi-coloured lights. This essentially makes it the most important element of the show. Your donation will go towards creating and programming this installation, buying the raw materials for it and paying the artist. 

The story

The show would centre around the conflict and magnetic relationship between language and human beings. As immigrants who live in a foreign country, we are experienced in speaking our mother tongues in intimate circumstances whereas English as an unavoidable communicative bridge. A certain feeling of crisis has arisen for us from this gap: The switching between the languages, the difference in the thinking diagrams behind them, and the meaning that the languages themselves contain within their glyphs and phonology – all remind us of the characteristics of ‘language’, which inevitably relates to uncountable aspects of our lives in terms of time, space, history, and hierarchy. Your support will help us make it happen. It will open up a sphere for the public to discuss relevant topics. 

Where will the money go?

50% of the funding gotten will be used in creating the installation while 35% will go towards paying the artist. the remaining 15% will go towards buying/renting props and costumes for the show. The closer we get to our funding goals, the better the quality of materials we are able to get, making the installation last longer and helping us up-cycle for our next shows. 

We plan to update our funders by sharing pictures of our process and progress. Pictures and footage of the process of creating the installation, rehearsals, dress rehearsals will be documented and shared. we will also be updating our social media accounts with this information. 

Rewards & Incentives

We have some amazing incentives and keepsakes for donors which include our signature posters, books discussing relevant topics, full video of the show, free tickets for other shows produced by our company. Check them out. We are sure you’ll love them! 

Images and video

Here is a short video we filmed during our workshop. This will give you an insight into the ingenuity of our work and what we are trying to create.

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Here are our website address and social media handles. Please follow us and keep up with the amazing stuff we get up to.


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