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Lacrosse Kit

A project by: James Dunn



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This project received donations on Mon 22 Oct 2018
Help raise money for the 2018 Essex Blades Lacrosse club!

Summary of our project

This campaign is for raising money so that our men's and women's Lacrosse 1st teams have kit for the upcoming season. Lacrosee Kit is very expensive to buy for us and this project will hopefully help our team to raise enough money for purchasing 16 full kits . Any contribution would be greatly appreciated as every penny will help us reach our target. The new kit would help all our members feel more like a team and also look the alike. Last season many of the players didn't have the appropriate kit and had to even borrow jerseys and skorts or had to miss out on games, which we don't want to happen again this year. We wish to have a better start of the season and to become a stronger team, which these kits will help to achieve. Therefore any donation will go along way to helping those who love Lacrosse love it even more and allow all our players to join in.

About us

We have two teams the Essex Blades Men's 1st Team and Women's 1st Team, both competing in the South Eastern 2B division at BUCS. The Lacrosse Club in general has received Gold Standards since 2013, and we hope to continue the streak if this project becomes successful.

Women's 1st team

Men's 1st team 

where will the money go?

Donations will go towards buying 16 much needed full new kits from CliftonClothing company. Jerseys and shorts for the boys and Pinnies and Skorts for the girls, both following the traditional red and black theme of the Essex blades as shown in the pictures below.

Jerseys and Pinnies

Shorts and Skorts 

Cost Breakdown

Lacrosse Jerseys - 7 x £22.50 + Express Production = £192.50

Lacrosse Pinnies - 10 x £22.50 + Express Production = £275.00

Lacrosse Shorts - 7 x £15.00 + Express Production = £140.00

Lacrosse Skorts - 9 x £25.00 + Express Production = £270.00

Total = £877.50 + £30 shipping = Grand total of £907.50 

The express Charge is necessary so the kit comes in time for our first match on the 17th of October, with the donations by the team members (£657.50) and the contribution from the SU (£250) will give us £907.50, enough to pay for the kits. 

Ways to help

Any donations would be a great help, even a few pennies will aid us to reach our goal. If you can't donate then sharing this page and spreading awareness would be more than appreciated.