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Juice Straws Are Bleak

A project by: Marysa Finnie


WE RAISED £2,805

from 28 donors

This project received donations on Thu 19 May 2016


Originally staged at East 15's Debut Festival in February 2016 for two sell-out performances, Juice Straws Are Bleak is now on the trek to the highlands.  

In order to get there WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Edinburgh Fringe, being the phenomenal platform that it is for new and upcoming work, comes with a bit of a price.  So in order to get our way up there we will need to pull together just under £3000.   

We have received a £500 grant from our school at East 15 in support of bringing our show to Fringe but there's still a-ways to go!

(don't think we're just asking for money, we're also looking for some warm milk and some good old fashioned support!)


Superglue Assembly Line was constructed from members of the 2016 graduating class of East 15's BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre course.  We are a new company exploring our first piece of work with Juice Straws Are Bleak.

We came together as a collective based on our love of bringing comedy out of the grim, and exploring the voices of the unlucky.  Through new writing, music, art, and physical theatre we are a 4-piece comedy task force with a taste for blood and the stage.


A little girl wants a friend.  A plastic bag wants to mind its own business.  In the halls of Picklesworth Primary, we don't always get what we want.

We welcome you with open fingers to Picklesworth Primary.  Where the kids have seen too much and know too little.  Following a plastic bag with a taste for hard-core punk music take a glimpse into the heart of Picklesworth where we dare you to come face to face with loneliness of all ages and species.  Kids can be cruel, dreams don't come true, and whales are the loneliest animals on the planet.  It's grim, it's bleak, it just happens to be god damn funny.

Grab a pint and come on out to primary school.

This is a biting comedy that answers the age old question: does school suck?  Mixing the innocent with the ultra violent and the naturalistic with the absurd, "Juice Straws Are Bleak" is a spit-tacular tale of friendship and gore-filled disappointment.  

COME ON OUT AND WATCH US AT FRINGE, and if you can't, we'll give you a high five anyway and maybe have a good old gab some day. 

We'll be performing at Greenside's Infirmary Street!  A badass old Victorian schoolhouse.  The perfect premises for Picklesworth Primary.  Get your butt down to that glowing green building at 11:10 pm, and prepare to be schooled.

Where will the money go? 

As much as we hate asking for money, it's a hefty world out there, and with that comes some hefty fees.  But once again, SPREADING THE WORD is just as valuable as donating, although to get this show really running we'll need the help of both.  Our minimum cost to get down to Fringe is £1939.  Here's a breakdown of those costs:

Venue - £2331

Fringe Registration - £295

Flyers & Posters (advertising at Fringe) - £200

Props - £100

Insurance - £182.50

Contingency - £300

OVERALL COST - £3408.50   

with the 500 grant from East 15 overall cost becomes = £2908.50

These are the costs necessary to get us to Fringe, however our minimum is a bit less to ensure we get the necessary fees for venue costs because if we can't reach our minimum target, we don't get any of donations, they all return to you.  So we've set our minimum at £1939 to cover the absolute basic amount of these fees.

HOWEVER, if we do manage to raise our minimum costs through everyone's amazing help, and are able to pull in a little more the costs will go towards our travel to Edinburgh as well as some merchandise to spread the word of our show ONE STEP FURTHER.


If you look on this page, you'll notice there are some...how shall we say...rewards for helping us out.  Cross your fingers and look for gold, 'cause that's exactly what you'll be getting. (to be honest, a lot of premium kids drawings to look forward to)


Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on all things Superglue!  We have upcoming events and shows in the works, so best to never sleep and always be watching.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/superglueassemblyline

Twitter: @SuperglueAL


The most important part of helping us out is SPREADING THE WORD.  If you could share this page, or even just chat to a few friends over coffee or milk about our show that would mean the WORLD.  It's the beginning baby steps to fundraising our show as well as getting people to come out and see our show!  

For those of you who have seen it, I hope you're excited to help it go further, and for those of you haven't I hope you're excited to see the mad world you could help bring to life!  

Thank you guys so much for reading this, and join the chaos that is JUICE STRAWS.