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'Journey to Oz' - TAS Pantomime 2018

A project by: Georgina Kirk



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This project received donations on Tue 20 Nov 2018
Help us bring Oz to Colchester this Christmas.


Dorothy is just an ordinary student - that is, until a giant storm hits Colchester, and she is transported to the weird and wonderful land of Oz!

To get back home to Essex, she must find the Wizard, whilst trying to escape the wrath of the Wicked With of the West and her flying monkeys.

On her journey, she meets many magical friends - from a talking lion, to a walking tin dustbin - who help her find her way to the Wizard of Oz, and work out how to get home.

Follow us down the yellow brick road to the Lakeside Theatre this Christmas, for the annual Theatre Arts Society pantomime, full of sparkles, humour, songs and innuendo.

our story

Every year, the Theatre Arts Society (TAS) hosts its annual Christmas pantomime - involving students from across the campus in the biggest show of the year. As the final event on campus before the University closes for the holidays, it provides many fun-filled evenings for the cast, Essex students, and the local community - with residents of Colchester and Wivenhoe attending our sell-out shows every year.

This year, we have chosen to showcase L. Frank Baum's magical story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - and we want you to be part of our journey too. To make this performance the best it can be, for both the audience and the cast, we're asking for any donations toward the production budget, so that we're able to truly bring Oz to life.


As TAS operates entirely on a not-for-profit basis, and most of our funding comes from our membership, all money raised through Click will go directly into the production of Journey to Oz.

So, how much does it actually cost to put on a pantomime? Well, the rough breakdown of our budget is...

  • Set & Scenic Design - £700 (it wouldn't be Oz without the Emerald City)
  • Costume - £350 (there are monkeys, a lion, and a whole village of munchkins to dress - plus much more)
  • Props - £150 (it's those little things you only notice when they're not there)
  • Make-Up - £100 (we have to turn someone green every evening)
  • Marketing - £300 (how else will people know how to see this magical production?)

If somehow we're able to raise more than our funding target, all money will be invested into the production - whether that's more marketing materials, or a bigger wig for the dame!


We've set aside some lovely little treats for you, if you choose to donate a certain amount.

If you donate £10 we'll put your name in the thank you section of our program.

If you donate £15 you'll receive a thank you video from members of our lovely cast and crew.

If you donate £20 you get the choice of a 'Journey to Oz' tote bag, t-shirt, or mug.

If you donate £40 you'll find two free tickets for 'Journey to Oz', plus a drink of your choice waiting for you at the Box Office.

If you're not too fussed about any of the rewards, you can easily click the 'Pledge £1 or more' button and we'll still receive whatever you decide to donate. Every penny counts!

Find us here

You can check us out on social media, and keep up to date with rehearsals, including interviews with our cast and crew, and pictures and videos of the whole production process.

Facebook: facebook.com/uoetas

Twitter: twitter.com/sxtas

Instagram: instagram.com/essextas

Help us succeed!

It takes a lot to produce a show - not just money, but also time, energy, and passion. But with your help, we know we'll be able to transport our audience to the magical land of Oz, and give our members and our cast a fantastic experience of working in theatre as well.

Even if you can't donate today, simply sharing this page will help us get closer to our target.

Thank you for taking the time to read our page today, and we hope to see you down the yellow brick road!