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International Festival of New Work: Scratch Night

A project by: Radu Zatreanu


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This project received donations on Mon 20 Feb 2017
Following the successful 1st edition of IF Festival, we're ready to take our work to the next level!

A short summary of our project

We aim to hire the RADA Studios for a day in order to promote new work devised, written and performed by the inaugural BA Acting (International) Class of 2017 for the first edition of the IF festival, produced this year.

Who are we?

We are the entire company of the inaugural BA Acting (International) Class of 2017, about to graduate from East 15 Acting School!

our story

For the 1st time in the history of the BA Acting (International) course, we have created a new way to celebrate and support six completely written, directed, produced and devised international plays. We have gone back to the basics of Russian theatre practitioner Konstantin Stanislavski and his magic 'If' and have thus created what is now known as the International Festival of New Work, or simply IF. Our 1st edition has managed to gather large audiences, including agents and other such industry representatives. Following the success of the IF festival, we would like to have a public performance to share the work we have done in the Corbett Theatre to a broader audience, not only for our benefit, but also for future graduating classes on the BA Acting (International) course. As international artists, we aim to inspire and change norms of society, and to show how different cultures can enrich the performing arts industry. Expenses include venue, tech department, set production and van hiring for a day. We need your help in order to make this happen!

where are we at?

We have selected scenes from plays we would like to present to a public audience. Thus, we will start rehearsing these within the next week. Also, we have concluded our discussions and have settled a final invoice with RADA studios for the whole project, as well as a confirmed date on which the event should take place (22nd of February). Where will the money go? Find below a full breakdown of our estimated, as well as confirmed costs:

Full breakdown of costs:

  • Venue hire (one week): £1400
  • Travel (van hire & petrol): £100
  • Set production costs: £60
  • Printing costs (100 flyers): £40
  • In case we manage to raise extra funds, after reaching our minimum we will invest more towards our next productions, as well as social media advertising of our event!
  • We will give updates on progress on a daily basis whilst we're running our project.


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