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How To Eat Dog - The Space

A project by: Eve Werdmuller von Elgg



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Help support 'How To Eat Dog' to go to The Space Theatre.

The project.

'How to Eat Dog' is a brand new play we are hoping to stage.

"In a world of dog-eat-dog. Charlie’s being eaten. What starts as an off-beat comedy, a satire of modern life, quickly becomes an unorthodox survival story."

Who are WE?

We are Eyes Wide Theatre Ltd! 

Eyes Wide Theatre is the creative collaboration between Imogen Dowding and Eve von Elgg, taking a long hard look at taboos and exploring them with new writing, bold physicalisation and theatrical experimentation. Approaching everything with our Eyes Wide open.

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our story

Imogen and Eve met on the Acting and Contempry Theatre course at East 15 and fell in love with making theatre, and making theatre together. This play, 'How To Eat Dog' is our company's flagship-debut project and we are so, so excited to have it come to life.

  • This is an urgent work that articulates struggles of our generation: mental health, identity, ambition, and failure. It is queer but not about queerness: showing the power struggles of a couple outside the lens of gender. It’s a story of drowning but learning to swim.
  •  ‘How to Eat Dog’ is a survival story, to show that mental illness is not always terminal. It’s a darkly comic and playful exploration of our hardest to talk about thoughts and fantasies. Developed alongside a lived frustration over mental health services, ‘positivity-culture’ and a lack of conversation – ‘How to Eat Dog’ tackles the taboo of suicide in a way that is unashamed.
  • We really think this play could have an amazing impact if we can get it off the ground.


Check out the list of awesome creatives involved in this project- and the Reasearch and Development we are already doing (/have done) at Actor's East in Dalston!

These will be the creatives involved for the showing at 'The Space' and hopefully the future showings and projects we will get to create.

Link to this Research and Development moment!

Where will the money go?

  • The money goes directly into the play, the creatives and the company.
  • We want to make this play happen but transferring theatre is expensive! Costume, set, travel, transport, marketing, venue hires, rehearsal space... the costs stack up and up.
  • We also want to be able to make theatre without making anyone involved suffer the costs. We are a team of recent graduates, so we are all feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis, the house crisis... it's a scary time for budding artists. We don't want people to suffer too much in taking time off work for this and travel expenses.
  • Where will the money go if you hit your full target? This is all about staging a play as best we can. Doing all we can try and do. The basic we want to achieve is making this project happening. Staging this piece as best we can.
  • What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target? We are a young company. Anything above and beyond will mean we can not only take our first steps but can hopefully make this project brilliant!


(In approximate order of priority)

  • Insurance: We need public liability insurance which costs £175.
  • Stage-management: to hire someone to run our lights, sound, music and stage management for a week will cost us a minimum of £200.
  • Costume: basic costume for the entire project is requires a minum £75.
  • General Set and Props: £50

This could all be covered by our minimum hope for this clickfund.

However, if we get more we can:

  • Rehearsal consumables: This inclues any props which need replacing, £60 budgeted.
  • Pay for the artists/actors transport or travel, so no one is losing money by participating in this work: £300
  • Marketing: (paper and printed advertisement, sponsered/ promoted online advertisements.) £100
  • Adverisiting: E.g. an outside banner costs £40

We would love to be able to pay our actors, attract wider audiences and have our company grow to where this show is merely the starting point of something really exciting.

For that we need your help!

Previous production shots - from debut festival 2023.


Hey, we have some wonderful rewards to thank everyone and anyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out!

Find us here

Email: info@eyeswidetheatre.co.uk

Twitter: @EyesWide__

Instagram: @eyeswidetheatre

Even if you can't spare some change please post, follow, promote and come along to our show! We can't succeed without your help and a little goes a really long way!