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Help Essex Flames Compete and Buy New Poms

A project by: Leamarie Lim



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This project received donations on Fri 09 Feb 2018
Can you feel the heat?!

A short summary of our project

Essex Flames are trying to raise money to reduce general competition fees and buy new poms! As we all know being a university student is difficult not only academically but financially. With members paying more than £200 each for the year, they are more than willing to make ends meet for their love for cheer and dance. This being said, the project is dedicated to reducing the cost of general competition fees for our members as well as being able to purchase new poms for our well deserving dance team.

Who are WE?

My name is Leamarie Lim and I am the Fundraising Officer for Essex Flames Committee 2017-2018, part of my role is ensuring that the Flames have the necessary funding that they need in order to remain a Gold Standard team and National Champions at competitions, as well as benefiting the club and its members financially.

our story

The Essex Flames have continued to grow since 2012, this year being the most members we've had  There are approximately more than 25 students on each competition team and 15 in each dance team, showing the continuous growth and love for cheer and dance from existing members as well as new members. With additional team members comes the additional costing for competition and equipment needed, which is why we need click to help.

Where will the money go?

General Competition Fee's such as,

  • Travel Expenses
  • Accommodation Expenses
  • A percentage of the money from click will go towards members of the team that have volunteered to help fundraise money, the money the receive is dependant on how many hours they contributed during the fundraising event
  • The remaining money from click will go towards general competition fees for the whole club and its members

Equipment for Dance

  • New Poms worth £362.00
  • The old poms will be going to the game day team


Please donate as much as you can- every little helps! We have some amazing rewards for those who support us. If you are not able to donate, please share the page and tell all your friends about Essex Flames!


Essex Flames