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Preserve Hong Kong's History

A project by: Justin Leung



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This project received donations on Mon 17 Jul 2017
History Research Project Investigating Hong Konger's Reaction to the Handover 1979-1997

What am I doing?


I am raising money to go to Hong Kong to conduct research . Specifically to conduct oral interviews with local people. This is for my independant research project (or otherwise known as a dissertation) I have to complete to get my history degree.

There is a lack of historical accounts looking at how the people of Hong Kong reacted to the Handover. This project aims to specifically unveil and analyse the experiences of the people of Hong Kong between 1979 and 1997 with regards to the Handover. In particular, how people viewed the Handover, how that changed over time and how the Handover influenced their decisions. The project will also show whether factors such as class, gender or age had an influence on how the people reacted and what they did.

由於有關香港人對回歸的反應及想法的歷史研究暫為尚少,所以 我今次眾籌是希望去香港面對面訪問本地居民作為資料搜集。 這次研究目的是希望可以揭開香港人在1979至1997,面對回歸中國的經歷和感受,亦會分析回歸對不同年紀、性別及社會階層所帶來的影響。

Who Am I?


I am a history undergraduate student from Hong Kong who just completed his second year at the University of Essex. I love history and really hope to use this chance to preserve one of the most unique examples of decolonisation. It is up to the people of Hong Kong to preserve our unique history and it would be an honour for me to play a part.


You can help preserve a Part of Hong Kong's History


This project means a lot to me personally as a Hong Konger and as someone who loves history. This is also the defining piece of work for my history degree. But I also recognise that this is bigger than just my own selfish desires and I hope to play a part in preserving Hong Kong's unique history. And by donating to this campaign, you can help preserve a part of Hong Kong's history.


Where will the money go?


Plane Ticket - £500

Travelling to Interviewees - £450

Food - £700

Other Expenses - £350

Additional funds will be used towards other expenses related to this project such as gaining access to certain archives or other sources of information.




Updates will be posted on this website. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are curious, I would be more than happy to keep you posted.


What if I can't donate But still want to help?


  • If you are a Hong Konger who was alive between 1979 and 1997 and would like to be interviewed. Don't hesitate to contact me.
  • If you know Hong Kongers who were alive between 1979 and 1997 and are willing to be interviewed. Have them contact me.
  • Share this with your friends!
  • 如果您是一名生於1992前的香港人而願意接受訪問,請聯絡我。
  • 如果您認識生於1992前的香港人而他們願意接受訪問,請他們聯絡我。
  • 分享給你所有認識的人。

Contact Details


Email: timeofuncertainty@gmail.com

電郵: timeofuncertainty@gmail.com