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Backpack theatre

A project by: Robin Clarke


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This project received donations on Thu 23 Jun 2016
Funding for Bibs

Bibs, Boats, Borders and B*st*rds. 

An epic retelling of stories about the people affected by the current refugee crisis. The show highlights the political issues and delves into the people behind it all with documentary style scenes, puppetry, live music and boffin scenes, creating a dynamic and riveting performance that questions your beliefs and viewpoints. 

Backpack Theatre 

Backpack Theatre is a new and innovative theatre company which aims to confront relevant issues and tell the human stories of those involved. We are made up of 18 students who are all in their final year of East 15 World Performance and have a real interest in political issues and making theatre that is interesting, entertaining and provoking. 

Our Story

In November we staged our first performance of Bibs, Boats, Borders and B*st*rds, directed by Andre Pink, an epic retelling of stories about the people affected by the refugee crisis. Through this project we discovered many heart braking and inspiring stories that have stuck with us and feel it would be a shame not to share with the rest of the world. 

The crisis may be slowly fading out of the papers and peoples television screens, however it is by no means over, there are still thousands of people suffering and dying. By putting on this show we hope to keep the stories of those suffering alive and make the world aware that they still need our help.

Where will the money go? 

The money we raise here is essential to making this project a reality. The money we raise here will go towards the hire for our venue (The Cockpit theatre) and towards backstage staff and rehearsal costs. If we manage to exceed our minimum goal, the money will help go towards our props and costume budgets, allowing us to make the show bigger and better than before. 


As a way of saying thank you, we are offering a number of perks for donations given to our course, ranging from mentions from on our twitter/Facebook page to complimentary tickets to the show. 

Find us here 

Website: https://backpacktheatre.wordpress.com 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BackpackTheatre1/
Twitter: @TheatreBackpac1

Help us succeed! 

Of course its not just donations that help. Spreading the word about our project will go a long way in raising awareness about our project so please share our funding page on Facebook, twitter and another platforms you can think of. (Even word of mouth will do the trick)