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A Woman On Fire

A project by: Elvin Köse


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A thrilling four-hander about the deceptiveness of human nature

The project

Harper has everything - she is an aspiring writer, she has a husband who loves her, a big house, and a beautiful daughter. But it doesn’t take much digging under the surface to realise that something is rotten. Set in the late 1950s, A Woman On Fire is a thrilling four-hander that follows a young woman struggling with addiction and depression as a consequence of untreated postpartum depression. With her husband finding himself tangled in a forbidden relationship with another man and on the brink of leaving, Therese, the family’s nanny, seems to be the only hope. But people have their own agendas and you have to be careful who you trust.

A Woman On Fire is Quid Pro Quo Theatre's second production. The play is an ambitious full-length drama, acted, produced and directed by newly graduated East 15 alumni and current students. 

Written by Sarah Majland

Directed by Casper Aagaard

 Who are we?

Quid Pro Quo is founded by Sarah, Boyan and Öncel. We are 2023 graduates from East 15 Acting School, with a passion for theatre making and story telling. Our first production, A Woman Called Girl, opened to critical acclaim, was 5-star reviewed and received a Standing Ovation Award nomination. 

Our story

After three years of working closely together as a class, we discovered that we had a shared passion for (and, more often than not, the same idea of what makes) good theatre and good acting. We all knew we were interested in something more than exclusively being attached to projects as actors, but wanted to create, write, direct and compose - and so, the decision to form a company together was made. Our dream is to be able to make theatre that lives and excites, and to tell stories that are important and questions the way we live our lives. Whether it’s a family drama, a political drama, a coming of age comedy or an old classic - the most important thing for us is to tell existential stories about being human, and all the beauty and tragedy that comes with it. 

By donating to A Woman On Fire you are helping young, newly graduated creatives put on their first full-length play and help launch their careers as theatre makers. Quid Pro Quo Theatre is a serious company that is planning on taking their work far - but we need your help to get started! 

Praise for previous work:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A simply stunning piece of theatre" - London Pub Theatres

A Standing Ovation Award 2023 (Nomination) 

"A Woman Called Girl is the debut production from London based theatre group Quid Pro Quo Theatre and based on their work here it most definitely won’t be their last." - London Pub Theatres 

"Quid Pro Quo Theatre’s well-rehearsed play certainly doesn’t lack ambition in its examination of the pressures that young women are under to be perfect. A Woman Called Girl is a slick production and the original music by Öncel Camci is certainly effective in establishing the tenor for the debates." - The Reviews Hub

Where will the money go?

Minimum target (£1000)

PR and marketing/producing - £250

Costumes - £50

Set - £200

Props - £200

Technician - £300

TOTAL £1000

Full budget:

Director fee - £100

Actor fee - £100

Additional promotion and PR - £700

Any additional amount raised will purely go to paying actors and creatives for their work. 

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Help us succeed!

Quid Pro Quo Theatre has already done their first festival production opening to critical acclaim.     

Now we need your help to take our company to the next step. Any donations, big or small, help - but donating money is not the only way you can help! You can also share our production and click fund on social media or by word of mouth - and of course, buy your ticket for A Woman On Fire!