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A project by: Anne-Marie Howe


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Help us tackle our kit problem


Here at Essex Womens Rugby Club, we are hoping to raise money in order to pay for a new kit before the season starts again in October. We are extremely dedicated to our club and show this through our colours, which we wear with pride!

Our story

Every season we compete weekly in the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) matches against other clubs in the South East of the UK. As well as this, we play cup games and finally on Derby Day against our rivals at East Anglia. Rugby is more than playing a game to us. We are a family that train together, play together and go out together! Unfortunately, our uniform is getting old and worn out as it is now 3-4years old. On top of this, there are a few shirts that have been ruined for various reasons - the most common through injuries. Paramedics have had to cut through shirts on the field in order to help our fallen players. We are now running out of shirts so this is why our need for a new kit is so important. This kit will be a team kit - which means it will be the property of the club and not the individuals, so will stay with UEWRFC for years to come!

Where will the money go?

If we successfully raise the money we need, here is where it will go:

- 22 Pro-fit Rugby Shirts (£21.95 + vat each)

- 22 Stock Swift Shorts  (£11.00 + vat each)

= total of £879.42 inc. vat & delivery charge

This price is for mens shorts as the ladies shorts cost more. And so, if we recieve any extra money this will go towards us have ladies fitted shorts, where the total is £1013.76 inc. vat and delivery charge. Extra money we make may also go into money for travel for us to go to matches. As well as this, we may put money into getting other items for team members like mouth-guards and rugby socks. This will help influence the club membership numbers as in the new academic year, we can invite freshers to join us and offer them equipment without the burden of them spending money on joining the team.



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Find us here

Follow us on our pages to see how we're doing, or email ahowea@essex.ac.uk for any questions!





Help us succeed!

We would be grateful for any sponsors, but even sharing our link through social media would be amazing!

1 year ago

Massive thank you to whoever has donated or shared our page. We have now received the minimum target which means we have a new kit!

1 year, 1 month ago

At the Vice Chancellor's Summer Reception, we managed to win the most votes out of the click campaigns and received £500 prize money! Thank you to all who voted, we're so grateful. 

Alumni of the University of Essex matchfunded £450

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