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Essex Rebels Women's Basketball Click Fund

A project by: Olivia Partridge



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This project received donations on Mon 26 Oct 2020
Any donations would be greatly appreciated and a huge help for our success in the upcoming season.

Essex Rebels women's basketball team click fund

We are trying to raise £1000 to help fund the upcoming season, specifically travel expenses. Any donations would be hugely appreciated and will help with our success this season. 


We are Essex Rebels Women's Basketball Team. We play in the WBBL, the highest level of women's basketball in the UK, and a number of our players also represent the University of Essex in BUCS. Due to the detrimental effect of the coronavirus pandemic we are looking to raise funds to help us compete in the upcoming season. The WBBL includes teams from all over the country meaning that travel expenses are very costly. Therefore, our goal is to raise £1000 to help fund the cost of travel for our players and staff to away games this season. 

our story

Since joining the WBBL in 2018, we have seen huge progress moving from bottom of the league in out first season to finishing last season in the top 8 and in playoff contention. We were also able to secure the BUCS premier south conference championships. 

We have been very lucky to attract crowds of up to 700 spectators, including students, staff and families from the local area, at some of our home games. The Rebels also have a school's outreach programme which sees players from the senior teams visiting local schools and our junior clubs have around 100 boys and girls aged 12 to 18 visiting the University to take part every week. 

Where will the money go?

The money we raise will go towards our travel expenses for the season. This covers the cost for the coach, petrol and drivers. On average it costs us £500 to travel to an away game. With over 10 away games a season this can be very costly and so any donations. would be hugely appreciated. Our minimum donation target is £500. In order to travel to a number of away games in the first part of the season our ideal target is £1000. This will allow us to assert ourself in the league and avoid the risk of having to forfeit away fixtures. Any donations that we receive above our ideal target will also be used towards travel expenses for the rest of the season and would help us hugely. 

Find us here

For more information on the club and upcoming announcements make sure to follow us on all social media platforms.

Twitter: @EssexRebels

Facebook: @EssexRebelsBasketball

Instagram: @essexrebelsbasketball

Help us succeed!

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On behalf of the Essex Rebels, we would like to thank you in advance for your time and support.