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Essex Blades Dance Club Fundraising

A project by: Samantha McMurtry



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This project received donations on Tue 10 Apr 2018
Please help Essex Dance to raise money to help fund their competition expenses and annual show!

our project

Essex Blades Dance Club are raising £150 to allow us to run our annual show and attend our 2x competitions this year. Our club is open to all who attend our university and ranges from beginners to advanced dancers. Our squads have been rehearsing since October to produce amazing choreography, and with this money, it would make their opportunities double. Our annual show, taking place on 15th March, allows all members of our club to display what they've worked on this year, and also showcase to everyone, what our club offers.

Who are we?

We are Essex Blades Dance Club, a university sports club, ran by students and funded by our SU and our own fundraising efforts. We attend 2 competitions per year, which are amazing experiences and are within a national level. We also host an annual show, which consists of all of our hard work throughout the year as well as including many other societies and projects within this. It also allows us to display our progression and work which we have put in, throughout the year, to our peers and families.

Where will the money go?

All money raised will go to providing competition entry fees for our dancers, as well as covering travel expenses, to and from these competitions. Also, the money will be used to provide uniform for those members who cannot afford this.

£200 - show costs - costumes, performance space, advertisement.

£200 - travel to competition costs

£100 - assist in providing club uniform

Any additional funds will go towards covering expenses for our next competition in the summer period.


We have some great rewards for everyone who support us no matter what the amount.

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