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Essex Blades American Football

A project by: Dan Roots



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This project received donations on Thu 19 Jul 2018
Help us raise money towards new training and safety equipment

Who we are

The Essex Blades are a growing American Football team competing in the BUCS South East Tier 2 league and are involved with many events at the University, such as Alumni weekend and Derby Day. We rely on a committed group of volunteer coaches who help us improve as a team. Along with the coaches we have a group of players who are very committed in seeing us succeed as a club.

A short summary of our campaign

Our aim is to buy new training and safety equipment in order for us to improve our skills as individuals and overall as a club so we can take our club to the next level. The only way to be better is to train better and this equipment will allow us to do that. Much of our safety is outdated and could be dangerous to use so any additional money would go towards new helmets to keep us safe during games.

Essex Blades American Football

I'm the treasurer and secretary of the club and my goal is to help this club return to greatness. Last year we had over 40 registered players in one of our best seasons in recent history with us reaching the post-season playoffs and finishing 3rd in the league on a record of 4-4. We will be looking to build on this next season with most of the squad returning, plus new players that will be recruited to give us the extra edge to challenge to win the league. In order for us to succeed we need extra training equipment to hone our skills, and this project is the first step in achieving that. With the amount of players in a squad we also need to constantly keep our safety equipment up to date and make sure we can kit up every enthusiastic individual in our ever growing squad.

Where will the money go?

If we raise the money then this will all be spent on new training equipment ordered from EP Sports.

The equipment we buy would if we reach the minimum of £460 would be:

  • 2 x Rogers athletic t boards: £230 each

Any additional money raised will be spent on additional training equipment and new safety equipment for our players ordered from Football America:

  • Step over bags: £75 each
  • Schutt Air XP Pro VTD II: £174.25 each


For those who are generous enough to donate us their money, we will be excited to offer some interesting rewards.

How to follow our progress throughout the season

Twitter: @essexblades

Instagram: essexblades

Facebook: TBC

Thank you!