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Envision Changes

A project by: Godspromise Adeosun



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This project received donations on Fri 31 Aug 2018
'The sooner you start, the sooner you will accomplish, the sooner you will win'

A summary of my project

Hello, my name is Godspromise Adeosun, I am 21 years of age and I am the founder of Envision Changes. Envision Changes started in 2015 after my work hosting an event to bring about different gang members in Hackney which was a huge success.  It was even covered on Hackney Citizen. Here is a link: https://www.hackneycitizen.co.uk/2014/03/05/our-ladys-convent-school-combats-gang-crime/

The event taught me that, the young and upcoming people in society lack mentors. Envision Changes provides this. As I started University, I knew that I was not going to be able to host events due to lack of time, so I started Blogging. My Blog has been so successful and I have gained over 22,000 views from all around the world. My Blog speaks on topics such as success and its link to your mentality, thinking positively amongst many other posts.


I am a Proud Winner of the Personal Development Award as well as the Mentoring and Advice Award from the University of Essex. This is because of my work with gangs in my community, my encouraging blog and daily motivational quotes on Instagram and also my recent work as a mentor for sixth form student with bright side on their UCAS application to their university of choice. Throughout the process, I realised that it is not just the youths that need mentoring, even adults need one too.

Who Am I?

At age 16, I was fortunate to receive a mini pupillage from the middle temple, and was accepted onto the Pathways to Law Programme at UCL. I once co-hosted and performed at the annual Fox Music Concert. . One time winner of the Envisions Personal Competency Profile challenge, I was invited shortly afterwards to be on the ‘Pitch for Change’ judging panel - Envisions Recruitment panel.


I have an Instagram page where I video different quotes of the day. The comments I get on my Instagram posts are very positive   For example, Rosexkate states ‘You’re literally so encouraging I could watch you all day.’ I also get messages from people stating that my quotes and advice inspires them. I am also branded as an online mentor by my various followers. This project is of importance for me, to continue to inspire a majority of age ranges to reach their full potential, to be a mentor that they never had, and to motivate them to be a mentor unto others.


Where will the money go?

I am sending a message to apply for funding so that I can buy equipment’s such as a camera, a camera stand, light boxes etc. to start a YouTube channel where I can reach more people and share my quotes with them to provide some sort of an online mentor to push them to reach their full potential. The funding will also in the near future to host events with the aim to inspire and to fund a leadership and management leadership course from CMI and the Open University.

Logo from Logo Joy £100

Website £200

YouTube startup: Camera £500

camera stand £50

Lightbox £150

Editing programme £100

Backdrops £100

Accessories £100

Others Venue hire £1500

Travel £400

Certificate £104

Advertising leaflets etc £200

Production/Printing  costs: £1060


I will give updates as often as possible, send photos on our social media accounts.


Last but not least, "Follow us to find out how we're doing!" and help us to Succeed

Website: www.envisionchanges.blogspot.co.uk

Instagram: https://instagram.com/envisionchanges/

Email:  envisionchanges15@gmail.com

Facebook: Envision Changes

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