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Embroideries of Hope

A project by: sana kikhia


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This project received pledges on Thu 20 Oct 2016
This is a women refugee workshop set in a Greek refugee camp creating and selling beautiful crafts

What is Embroideries of Hope?

I am raising £1,500 to start a women’s workshop in a refugee camp in northern Greece. Embroideries of Hope will allow refugee women to escape their (social) isolation in the camp, and empower them through creating beautiful crafts and making a small revenue from their work. They will be given space and material to create original craft works that will then be sold to support them and their families.

By getting a small job and income the women will feel empowered again after waiting for months in the refugee camp without anything to do. We are targeting 100 women living in a refugee camp in Greece. 

Sana from Syria...

I am Sana from Syria and I am currently studying for a Masters' degree in Global Project Management (2015-2016) at the University of Essex. I have been involved and interested in volunteering activities for a long time. Additionally, I am a member of thet Essex Entrepreneurship Society and I am the Marketing Director. 

During an interesting meeting with a friend, we discussed how we could help refugee women living in a refugee camp in Greece. Myself, my friend from France and young refugees in the refugee camp discussed the potential of starting a small project helping those women to invest their skills and free time in a camp near Thessaloniki, Greece. We decided to start this project to give the women and the camp a new life. I believe creative work helps refugees' better integration in the society they live in and supports their well-being. 

Entrepreneurship as a response to the 'Refugee crisis'?

Every day, there are people fleeing their country's because of war. Their tremendous suffering does not stop after fleeing their war-torn countries, as they are faced with great hardship on the perilous journey they undertake to reach a safe refuge. Life in refugee camps is dehumanising and rips people of their dignity as they are asked to wait and wait without being given the opportunity to work, study or distract themselves with any kind of activity.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be trapped in a refugee camp doing nothing but eating food prepared for you, waiting all day long for months and sleeping in a tent?

Many of the people living in refugee camps have valuable skills, creative ideas and amazing experience. These people used to have jobs, own a car, a house, maybe a business or a shop; some were teachers, carpenters, or even volunteers working with refugees in Lebanon and Turkey.  

The refugees we are working with in Greece want to work and use their skills: they do not want to sit all day long waiting, doing nothing. The Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi women whom this project will support want to use their skills and their time in a useful and a productive way. Other young refugees are ready to help them by building a workshop space and assisting them throughout the creating and selling process.

This project will give them the materials they need to design and make crafts as well as the channels to sell their products in Greece, France and the United Kingdom to gather a small revenue. It will improve the refugees' quality of living and inspire others to make use of their skills, and break the social isolation they live in. 

This project is highly important for me since I know from my past experience the huge impact of such a project on refugees psychological health. I understand that this project is just a small contribution to the refugee crisis, but if everyone who can does something small to help, I am sure this project will have a huge impact.

Many people are generous in giving donations to refugees in terms of everyday essentials however, they may not be aware that the refugees also need to feel that they are useful and important. Our project is helping in a special way without harming the refugees' feelings and without giving them that sense of just existing. By supporting this project you will be helping a group of refugee women to take their destinies in to their hands and allowing them to alleviate their everyday hardship. 

How will the money funded be used?
To start this workshop, we need at least £1500  which will be spent on the following:
Preparation of the workshop room (refurbishing, painting and cleaning): £150 
Three big tables and 30 chairs: £100
The materials needed (wool, accessories and ribbons): £360
Tools needed (to make the crafts): £160
Packaging of the products before distribution: £75
Shipping and distributing cost: £65
Events cost (Two events to sell the crafts in the UK and France): £60
Small gifts for all volunteers who will help build the workshop space (Cards and crafts):  £105
Transportation (we will buy the materials and tools at least twice during the project): £80
Two return tickets from the UK to Greece and public transportation: £240
Hotel for two people three nights in Greece: £75
Any additional money we will get will expand the number of women benefiting from our project and more materials and tools will be added. Additionally, when we raise more than £1500, we will buy better quality materials to improve the quality of the crafts. All profits made from selling the handmade crafts will be returned to the women.

Beautiful Gifts await Generous Donors! 
Specific donations will be rewarded in different ways. We will also offer the donations of 250 a unique design of the donor’s name in Arabic. This design is offered by a talented architect entrepreneur who owns a famous brand in Dubai. Check a sample of her work here:

Find out more about EMBROIDERIES OF HOPE here!

Visit our Facebook event to follow our progress. Please invite your friends to the event and encourage them to donate through click crowdfunding platform. You can also find us on Twitter
Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1131161846932816/
Twitter Page Link: https://twitter.com/Embroidery_Hope
Please help by donating for our project and help to make it real. If you cannot donate, please help by sharing our project with your friends. We will appreciate any effort you will make to help our beneficiaries. 


7 months, 3 weeks ago

Dear All,

Now we have a real place for our ladies to start working on creating the beautiful crafts. They have clean and creative environment where they can talk, laugh and make small income. 

Thank you all for your support.

Best regards,

Embroidery of Hope team

8 months, 4 weeks ago

A generous donation from a generous shop owner in Greece. He offered a full box of materials for our ladies in the refugee camp.

Many thanks to our friends from Greece

9 months, 2 weeks ago

Dear all,

I am introducing one of our amazing volunteers in Greece who are going to implement our project in the field.

Nour Shehade is one of our amazing team members in Greece that makes this project possible. Nour is a Palestinian woman from Syria, she used to live in Yarmouk and started to work with displaced women and children in 2012, when she was herself displaced from her home. When she was forced to flee to Lebanon she continued her work with her Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Now in Greece and twice a refugee she decided to use her experience in working with children and women. In her own words "this project is important as many women here are alone with their children and without any income. They have a lot of time and nothing to do but waiting. The workshop will offer them a place to socialise, be together and have an income to support themselves and their families"


Thank you Nour for your amazing work.

With our love,

Embroideries of Hope

10 months ago

Dear generous donors,

We have recorded this video for you to meet one of our talented women, Maysa'a, explaining why Embroideries of Hope is very important for her and the team.


With our love,


10 months ago

Our brilliant team in Greece

The amazing part about our project is that a team of 5 refugees will implement the project in the camp. They are all volunteers and all have previous experience in working with refugee women in camps in Lebanon and Syria. These Palestinian and Syrian youths have managed similar projects in the past. Embroideries of hope was born in dialogue with these volunteers and we are so blessed to have them on our project.


10 months ago

Dear generous donors,

Because of your support we have reached 936 GBP. However, we still need to reach 1500 GBP to receive the money from the university. Please share our project with your friends and family if you think they will be interested. We appreciate your continuous support.

Kind regards,


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Brilliant idea. All the best with this.

Thank you Ben and Tom for your generosity and support

Great idea - good luck!

good luck

Dear Selahaddin mamed, Thank you for your support and your generous contribution. With out appreciation, Sana

Hi Sana Thanks for creating this project to help the refugee community. As a human being, I believe that surviving life in the camp can be a worst thing to happen for anybody. I hope that a very small donation can effect to the refugee people life. Best Selahaddin Kurdi

An amazing project - really impressive initiative. Thank you!

Thank you Viktoriya :) for your sweet words and support

Wonderful project, Sana! Please keep up with the good work! You are an inspiring person!